Monday, June 7, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • I had an epically traumatic puking experience over the weekend.  I followed it up with an ice cream and wine binge.  I'm the healthiest person I know.
  • My friend moved away and I miss her.
  • Feeling like my number of friends is dropping by the day (a little over-dramatic, but it's a feeling).
  • Having an entire week of rain - I feel like my life has turned grey (and the streets have turned to rivers!)
  • Not being productive.  I hate that.  I'm trying to be all Zen and in-the-moment and all I want to do is write to-do lists and get cranky at myself when they don't get done.
  • The fact that behavior patterns are so hard to change!
  • My skin is endlessly annoying.  
  • So sleepy :(
  • I don't know how people make money online doing surveys because I never seem to qualify for any of them!  On the same note, how do you compete for freelancing against people offering to do huge assignments for 3 dollars an hour???
  • Endless dry mouth.  It's like a desert in there.

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I obviously have on my endless complaining pants today.  What has been getting to you this week??



Toni said...

Sorry you're feeling so awful Annie and that your friend moved away :-(

Things that bug me Mondays:

The have-to telephone calls that have accumulated over the weekend so I have to make them all Monday morning. I hate have-to telephone calls anytime!

Two doctor's appointments in one day on Monday.

Knowing that no matter how carefully I try to pace myself, by 5 p.m. I'm gonna feel really sick.

Thinking about people who love their jobs and still get to go to them on Monday.

That's a long enough list to keep me bugged all day!

elisabeth said...

Bad tummy cramps. I will be really glad when this stomach flu is over!

Also long to-do lists. Also, to-do lists that involve buying things. There has been a lot of that lately. Since they are house things they are necessary, but then I feel like I can't spend money on pamper-y things that would probably improve my daily health. Argh.

Not being at home in my bed RIGHT NOW.


elisabeth said...

And how could I forget! headache, week 2! (Apparently, I needed to share that.)

Alison said...

Sorry about the puking and your friend moving away. I know what that's like, and it seems to keep happening. I wish I was good at making new friends to even up the score.

Anonymous said...

Ice cream and wine, two of my favorite foods. Not together though.

All my women friends dumped me when I got CFIDS, and I am not making new ones fast. Which ought to help explain abandonment issues over no one commenting at my blog. Waah waah waah break out the violins.

Love love love your blog, Annie.


SR said...

i'm with you on the puking. i spent the last 15hrs in the fetal position crying for my mommy and rocking myself bc all my joints were going to explode. oh and also puking up anything i dared swallow. even if it was only one sip of water. i still cant keep anything down. sigh.

Carlotta said...

I guess what bugs me is that more people don't realize that natural medicine can be really powerful - and that when I say I've treated my CFS with diet and nutrition a lot of people don't believe me. Also it annoys me that my friends will eat things I can't in front of me.

A foremost expert on CFS, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, has just put out a new book called Beat Sugar Addiction Now: It is written in a simple style and outlines his easy to follow, multi-step plan. He begins by identifying 4 main types of sugar addicts and then outlines a specific plan for each type of addict to follow. He explains how sugar plays into the problems suffered by each kind of addict and goes into detail when clearly and succinctly explaining how to beat the cravings. While Teitelbaum does not provide recipes or meal plans, he does give guidelines for healthy eating and lists of recommended foods as well as the glycemic index for many common foods.This book would probably be helpful not only to people attempting to lose weight, but also to those with illnesses such as Type II Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, just to name a few. Though Teitelbaum is a medical doctor and is clearly coming from a medical background, he writes in layman's terms and creates a book that will be easily understood by most people.

Annie said...

OH NO! It looks like all of my favorite people are having a hard few days! Get better guys xoxoxoxox!

Also, Carlotta I will definitely be checking out the book! Thanks for the recommendation!

Emily said...

Annie - I have also been puking! How lame, it seems like there have been a lot of us. And I have those broken capillaries all around my eyes from puking; hate that.

Here's hoping that Tuesday is better. :)

Sarah said...

I didn't move that far away!!!! I miss you too lovely Annie. I am scheming up a lovely time for us this weekend!!

Love you Madly