Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who Am I Right Now?

Okay, I'm going to try something a little different for my post today.  A little game for me (and possibly for you...); something to see how I actually think of myself.

25 Adjectives I Would Use To Describe Myself At This Current Moment:
  • Tired
  • Determined
  • Fuzzy (in the brain, not on my body...just FYI haha)
  • A Survivor
  • Frustrated
  • A Blogger 
  • A Homebody
  • Artistic(ish)
  • Equal parts country and city girl
  • Fragile (the boyfriend likes to joke that I'm made of glass!)
  • Needy(ish) [I hate saying that, but it's true]
  • Easily overwhelmed
  • Stubborn
  • Frugal, with expensive taste (sadly)
  • Reasonably intelligent
  • Easily inspired
  • Socially awkward
  • Fiercely loyal
  • A supporter of invisible illness awareness
  • Clumsy
  • Lustful
  • Information addict
  • Over-sensitive
  • Honest (to a fault)
  • Neurotic
What words would you use to describe yourselves?  To describe me even?



Dominique said...

Socially awkward - I would never have chosen that phrase for you. Wow! I had to read that one twice!

I think I will do with out my list today, but I think I might be thinking about it all night! :-)

Phoenix Peacock said...

me: thinker, student, tired, passionate, motivated, driven, creative, flirty, rebellious, loyal, nurturing, supportive, protective, warrior, sick, broken, determined, happy, sleepy, giggly, comforting, inspired, classy, trashy, androgynous

Anonymous said...

you - supportive & loving

me - lonely, spacey!!, groggy, classy, frustrated, internet-addicted, blogger, survivor, misunderstood, exhausted, determined, loving, supportive, counselor, sensitive, writer, loyal, intelligent, protective, family/friend-needing, too nice, fashion-addict, thrifty, student, nurturing

but who knows if those are accurate? :{

-SR (@gradstdntwlupus)

rlee8235 said...

ok sweetie........you're on! I'm going to put the 25 on my blog and see what I think of myself. Maybe I better do it tomorrow because tonight I feel sucky.

steph said...

I agree with about 95% of yours. :)

But I request you lose the (ish)es and here's why:

I get the needy one, because of course to not be totally self-reliant at all times in our individualistic society is shameful, right? Sigh. So, don't you let them tell you you're wrong for needing. We all need. Isn't that one of the criteria for being a mammal? And really, you seem to be giving enough to balance the scales. I still think about those awesome bed pictures, lol.

And artistic, girl, YES you are artistic and don't you dare hedge that with an (ish). Own it.

So, yeah. My number one adjective would be bossy.

Alex said...

I guess at the moment I'm:
angry, exhausted, sleepy, sick, (not just as in M.E., but the flu-like symptoms) frustrated, confused, 'spoonless', determined, driven, activist, blogger, internet-addicted/iPhone addicted teen, child, brain dead, needy, burden, anxious, sad, socially awkward, scared, stubborn, always overwhelmed, frugal, (when it comes to myself) OCD.

I could think of a lot more, but that's 25 adjectives to me. =) Some of them are conflicting, but it is actually possible! ... Looking back on that list, I have a lot of problems!!

elisabeth said...

Ooh- a challenge! I may have to give this a try...

Annie said...

I LOVE reading everyone else's answers! I don't get to know you all in person, so such things help me get an idea of what you are really like :)

And yes, I am socially awkward...what can I say? I do better on the Internet than in real life.

Melissa Fairchild / PrincessLilla said...

okie dokies, I can do this!
1. mom 2. wife 3. crafty/artistic 4. vegetarian 5. awesome cook (as I've been told, I cook meat to perfection despite not eating it, hehe) 6. animal & nature lover 7. severe sun and & fluorescent sensitivity 8. follower of God 9. self-conscious- steroid weight gain will do that to you! 10. queen of bargains 11. forgetful- fibro & lupus fog 12. horrible driver- always have been! lack of paying attention, you know... easily distracted 13. affectionate- I love hugs & kisses & cuddles 14. always wanting to help everyone and keep everyone happy... to the point of going out of my way and spending my last bit of money on a burger for a homeless person (if I know that it won't affect my children and payday is close) 15. blogger & website owner 16. clumsy 17. coffee addict 18. dreamer 19. girlie 20. family oriented 21. honest 22. neat freak (which can often cause issues, lol) 23. motivated (which can be VERY frustrating due to not feeling well enough to do what I want to do!) 24. sleepy (all the time- narcolepsy! hubby says I'm like our cat, I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime) 25. last but not least... sick of being sick! ..... oh wait, and as you can see, very wordy. I love to talk! LOL!

Forgetful Girl said...

'made of glass'

You and me both! My family joke that I should live in a bubble.

Just catching up with posts, wondering what happened with your interview??!


Selena said...

I just found this post and wanted to play too. You can read my 25 here: http://goo.gl/fb/1BurB Thanks for this challenge! I enjoyed your list and had fun putting together mine too.