Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

I watched an odd combination of movies this week - my emotions have been all over the place!  Here is my rundown:


It's Woody Allen.  I mean really, everyone should know by now that I love Woody Allen films.  He's just so hilariously neurotic.  This was one of his more far-fetched stories, but you had to be impressed at the lengths that the character goes through to gain the respect of his social-activist crush.  Plus, seeing Woody Allen as the leader of a group of revolutionaries is reason to see the movie enough :).

The Wrestler:

Okay, sad film alert.  This shattered my heart into a million pieces.  It shows how lonely fame is, if you allow yourself to get alienated from the people who could (and should) be in your life.  Mickey Rourke's acting in this nearly made me fall of the couch.  He's incredible.  I expected the ending.  I respected the ending.  Not a warm and fuzzy film, but hugely worthwhile.

Youth in Revolt:

My first thought after I saw this was: "What a weird-ass movie!".  Michael Cera stars as an awkward social reject (what else is new?!), who goes to great lengths to impress his female infatuation.  Things end up getting so far out of control, and the laughs are endless.  It is also nice to see Michael Cera branch out with his alter-ego Francois in the film.  I recommend, but it is strange.

The Crazies:

I had absolutely NO expectations going into this film. I just woke up one morning and decided that I was in the mood for a disaster/horror film.  This is a remake of the George Romero film by the same name.  It's an acquired taste, but I really enjoyed it.  It was everything I wanted so I could turn off my mind.  It combines suspense and gore with strong characters with real love for each other and anger at the atrocity and treatment of their neighborhood.

What have you been watching?  Help me pass my time! :)



Toni said...

I love Woody Allen movies. I know that not all of them are great, but I'm very forgiving because when I first got sick, I watched a lot of them and they kept me good and funny company. My favorites are Annie Hall, Manhattan, Radio Days, Hannah and her Sisters, Bullets Over Broadway, Match Point. (I may be missing a few!)

SR said...

the Anne of Green Gables books were high on my list of favorites as a kid, so it's hardly surprising that the movies are too. Anne of Green Gables & Anne of Avonlea (not The Continuing Story bc they messed up the story). whenever i get nostalgic for childhood or homesick or just sad or lonely i watch them. or clips of them bc i usually dont have time for 8 hr marathon sessions. sometimes if im really desperate i settle for the theme music. (yeah thats kinda sad, i know).. but they never get old and they always make my heart happy. been having a rough week so ive been rewatching them.

Sonja said...

I've been watching as much Doctor Who as I can, but I lent my brother my dvds so I'm going withdrawl, lol. Otherwise Star Trek when it's on. I'm not a big movie person, I prefer tv shows.

SR said...

oh and also Invictus! gee, foggy brain much? I wrote a whole blog post about it and still forgot...

Annie said...

Mmmm I often prefer tv shows too, but I like movies because I don't become committed to them.

I will be watching Invictus and more Woody Allen in the near future though :)

Emily said...

Just finished the Time Traveler's Wife. Really good - I laughed, I cried, I cried again, and then once more. But really, a good movie, especially if you liked the book.

Rachael said...

dont you just love the cartoons they did for the covers for movies in the 70's and 80s?