Saturday, June 5, 2010

One Step Closer To Real Writing...

I'm getting a desk for my living room!!  I'm so excited!

I had a desk awhile ago, but it has long been stolen by my boyfriend's desktop computer.  As a result, I spend a lot of time writing in my chair, on my couch, and in my bed.  As a result, I developed carpal tunnel and tennis elbow (all of you that haven't - I don't know how you do it!!!).

I'm hoping that by doing more of my writing propped up in a chair with good ergonomics, I will eliminate some of the pain in my arms.

This will be especially important if I don't get this job and I have to continue desperately trying to sell my skills on the Internet (that sounded kind of dirty, but is TOTALLY not).

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Okay, I need suggestions guys - what are your desk necessities/feel good additions?????



Anonymous said...

I do most of my computer stuff on my bed...after a while my back starts to hurt...but it's worth it because I get to read your blog, and everybody's else's!

I have a desk, but I never use it because I'm just not comfortable sitting at it.

My favorite desk necessity is my cat. She walks on the keyboard but she too cute.


Jim K. said...

Been doing ergonomic architecture.

I made rough pedestal tables
(plywood squares on 4x4s) and fiddled
to figure it out, but still missed
when I built a desk.

Looking back on it, 2-3 pedestals
to perch the laptop and the 'work',
plus some tall narrow bookshelves,
would have been ideal. The way I
work changes all the time, so the
pedestals are extremely handy.
I can shift the PC to couch or
dining table that way...little
moving piles of work, sort of.

Just a unique perspective to share.
Traditional design has always
bothered me. Pedestals are all
over the place in the house now.
They are easy to make if you
know someone who can weild a
skilsaw and a screw gun. No
expensive tooling at all.

Migrainista said...

I have all that arm pain as well. I don't use a desk but what I've found is that the over-the-counter wrist braces by Futuro have made a big difference in my pain when on the computer, and overnight.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Annie! Anything that helps a writer write more gets me excited!

Phoenix Peacock said...

a vision board over my desk... keeps me motivated even when I feel sick

Alison said...

Good job! I have an Ikea desk that I never use but should. Writing on my laptop on the couch is not good for my back.

I like to keep all my pens and pencils in a fun coffee mug on the desk. Probably the best advice you can get is keep the top as clean and clear as possible. Don't pile it up with books and junk like mine is...

Heather said...

A cute lamp with a shade. It helps if you turn off harsh overhead lights and have a small lamp for soft lighting. Makes things warm and cozy, plus less likely to trigger a migraine! Have fun with your new desk!