Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

I'm always amazed that I watch so many movies, but this week was no exception!

Toy Story 3:

I was so excited to go see this movie!!  The night it opened, I lined up at the theater.  This movie made me laugh hysterically, and I bawled my eyes out through the last half hour.  There are some potent emotions that are put to amazing use in this film.  No flaws.  Grade A+ movie.  Everyone watch this as soon as you can! So much love for this trilogy!!

She's Out of My League:

I went in with low expectations for this one, and ended up laughing hysterically along with my other friends.  When you are watching this film, you feel like you've seen it before.  It is like a mash-up of every other awkward romantic comedy ever made.  Even if it isn't anything new, it is still highly entertaining.  Worth the time :).


Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela - that alone should be reason enough to take the time to watch this film.   This is the story of Mandela bringing together the whites and blacks following the end of apartheid by creating hype around the national rugby team.  This is a sports story, but it really is just part of the tale of a GREAT MAN.  Wonderful.

Drop Dead Gorgeous:

Hilarious.  Messed up.  Satire central.
It's not normal, but it's a lot of entertainment on a rainy day.  Plus, it is the best of the 90s teen actresses! :)

Okay, recommendations time!  I loved the Tom Petty album that was recommended by Sonja last week so music counts too!!



Toni said...

I loved Drop Dead Gorgeous too, Annie. Just a fun movie!

Elfenkate said...

Drop Dead Gorgeous is one of my favorites :) I did see (500) Days of Summer last night. Really enjoyed it. And the soundtrack was awesome. I have Crazy Heart and Where the Wild Things Are on the way for the weekend :)

Leslie said...

I also adore Drop Dead Gorgeous. I almost forgot about it til now!

We tried to see Toy Story 3 but the show was sold out an hour before it opened. Crushing.

Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed Toy Story 3. and also Invictus. also ... drop dead gorgeous = love to my home state! :)

--SR (@gradstdntwlupus)