Thursday, June 3, 2010

Job Interview

Interview crunch time.

So as you all know, I had an interview with the Government today for a Tourism and Culture Communications Intern position.

I didn't know how much I wanted it until I got all dressed up.  I looked like a businesswoman.  I deserved to be a businesswoman.  Stupid illness always messing up my life.

I explained my circumstances in the most basic way ever.  I have a chronic pain condition - it causes me a lot of problems and I'll have to miss time for doctor's appointments - but I'm a fantastic worker.

I brought my portfolio, I was well-spoken, I wrote a great press release (in my own opinion...), and was generally awesome.

I got the feeling throughout the interview that they liked me, but still had qualms about the lack of references and practical work.  I highly doubt I will get the position.

I don't want to feel the disappointment again.  It's tiring.

I still have a sense of pride though.  I went out there and presented myself in the best way I could.  I did a good job.  I'd want me.



Phoenix Peacock said...

Being proud of yourself is awesome! I think the chronically-ill tend to be way too self-judgemental (myself included). And you never know... maybe they will overlook some of the gray areas. That is the whole point of getting out there - you don't know until you try!

Jane Bennett said...

Hi Annie,

Just been messaging you on Twitter but just checked out your blog. Have you heard about the mentoring scheme? It's part of the Backing Young Britain scheme which also advertises internships. It's a good way to get advice / and or expereince in your chosen field. I actually work in a communications role for a not-for-profit org and we've taken on an intern to help us which has been good for us because he's been a great help, but it's also good for his CV. We pay him but some don't get paid. If you need any advice or want me to check out you CV, feel free to email it to me at I know how hard it is to get a break, and especially know about working with CFS/ME!

Keep your chin up!
Jane x

Alison said...

I'm so impressed you did a good interview! I'd be so scared!

Shelli said...

Congratulations with nailing the interview! They're crazy if they don't hire you. Bask in the glory of your success for now, you deserve it.

Sonja said...

Great job for getting out there and doing the interview!!!

Forgetful Girl said...

Well done on your interview! It sounds like it went really well, which is fantastic for an interview! Be proud of yourself!

Toni said...

It's great that you went to the interview, Annie. And it sounds like you did a wonderful job. Well worth the effort. If you don't get the job, remember, it may have nothing to do with how well you did or didn't do (maybe it will go to a friend of a friend of the interviewer -- you just never know).