Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award



Jolene, from over at Graceful Agony, and Rosemary, from Seeking Equilibrium, passed me along this lovely blog award!  It is always nice to have a little sunshine sent my way, especially from two such great bloggers, as they make me feel remotely important here in Internet-land :).  Their lists included some great health bloggers (ones that I read every single day!).  As a result, I'm going to try to dig deep and find some people that haven't already been given the honor...

As acceptance of this award, the following criteria should be met:

  • Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

  • Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.

  • Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

    Fifteen is a hard number to make sure I don't miss anyone!! Chances are even if you aren't on here, I'm still in love with your blog!  I spend a lot of time on the Internet haha...
1.  My darling friend SR at Grad Student With Lupus.  I never fail to be amazed at her positive spirit and ability to be so successful in school :).  Plus, she writes a fantastic blog and twitter!
2. Sonja from Mud and Lotus! This girl has struggled with SO MUCH PAIN from a wicked case of endometriosis.  I love all these women keeping their heads up in the face of such struggles.
3.  Mo from Mo Is Blogging...I Think!  Maureen has been an absolute source of warmth and wonderfulness in the chronic illness blogging community.  She has given me support on this blog right from the early days.
4.  Elisabeth from Redefining Good.  She always has something funny to say (or links to send!) and writes a wonderful blog :).  She's another early chronic illness Internet friend!!
5.  Jenny Ryan from Cranky Fibro Girl.  This is a new discovery for me, but she is amazing!! Much love :).
6.  Miss Kayla Morris, of ...Mind, Body, and Soul... is a wonderful friend on the Internet of mine.  She is a chronic pain sufferer, and I love her attempts to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook!
7.  Alison of Blog Wormwood.  She doesn't post as often as some of us computer addicts, but when she does - watch out.  This girl writes posts that knock my socks right off.  So informative, so poignant, so awesome!
8.  Laurel, at Dreams at Stake.  Again, she doesn't post as much due to a SEVERE case of ME/CFS, but her posts are some of the strongest in the community.  Laurel is fighting for all of our rights, and I find her endlessly inspiring.
9.  Katie, at Overflowing Brain.  She is so honest, and I love that about her.  I wish more people could be brave enough to put their real self out there for everyone to see.  Fantastic blog.
10.  Selviester (Twitter name!) at Vie Couture.  Not typical blog on this list no, but it is still a girl who has been diagnosed with lupus who has gone on to have a fabulous fashion blog! What's not to love?
11.  Sarah at This Lunatic Express - I love how candid she is with her journey with mental health.  I think it is becoming apparent that I just love people who throw themselves out there to the wolves of the Internet!!
12.  Wendy at Transform Your Chronic Life is such a wealth of information, and delivers it with a take-no-prisoners attitude.  She's a really great voice for chronic illness on the Internet.
13.  Dominique at 4 Walls and a View has a spirit like no other!!  Her posts are inspiring and I love how she has embraced raising awareness.  She has also just had a spiffy blog makeover!!
14.  Judith at Creativity to the MAX manages to mix her suffering with the creation of art and I love the results.  I am a firm believer that art therapy is one of the best tools to use for a successful existence with chronic pain.  
15. Phoenix Peacock at The Tip of My Nose! She's been a wonderful commenter and runs a chronic illness blog and a fashion blog.  Yay!

There are a MILLION more blogs out there that have touched me in some way or another, but these were the 15 that popped into my head :).

I may be a little late notifying everyone (as I am in the country), but just know I love the blogs!



Laurel said...

Thank you for the award, Annie! And thanks for the kind words as well. I'm honored. Hope you are feeling a bit better today!

Sue Jackson said...

Congratulations, Annie! And what a great list of blogs!! I;munfamiliar with many of these, so I plan to go check them out.


Sairs said...

thanks Annie for the award. You are awesome! I am glad you got it in the first place because you deserve it :-)

Anonymous said...

Annie My Friend. Thanks so much for acknowledging me and my silly blog. I am always thrilled when I know someone is reading my stuff and maybe even enjoying it. You are one of my BBF's (Best Blog Friend!)

Dominique said...

Thank you for the Shout out! Question? What happen to all your comments?

I was checking back to something I had said in a comment and it wasn't there and then I started thinking, Oh my gosh! I haven't been posting on Annie's blog! LOL! Doesn't take me much to think I'm the one who forgot!

Did you also go to three columns?

Congratulations on the award! You deserve it. Your blog is a source of sunshine!

Anonymous said...

i am SO HONORED! thank you, my dear!! xoxoxo

Judith Westerfield said...

Thank you for the mention! I didn't know until I followed a post on my blog. I've been living with fibro since 1996 and I am living proof that our life can get better even when our bodies decline. Taking matters into your own hands! - BRAVO.
with love,