Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Far Away Wish (for Annie and Kim)

I missed another day of the blog, only due to the fact that I was in the ER for a mess of fainting spells and horrible chest pain. Alas, they cannot find the source. So instead of diving right into pop culture, I thought I'd write up yesterday's blog for today.

Many of you by now may be wondering why I have the donate button on the side of my blog. You also might wonder...who the heck is Kim?  I plan to explain all today :).

I first met miss Kimberley Bull on Twitter. We hit it off right away, and as we learned more about each other we noticed that we have almost all overlapping symptoms. She was the first person I have ever met that made me feel less alone in the world. We have both since developed a huge Twitter family, but she is like a second sister to me.

I daydream all of the time of the hope of meeting her and her husband (in England or Amsterdam!), preferably before our poor, pathetic bodies crap out on us even more. Other than being with family, this is the only goal I have. She is my family (and the sweetest, most heartwarming girl plagued by illness that you could ever meet). It would be even better if our beloved friend Shruti could come along too.

I cannot manage to support myself, with towering medical payments, life expenses and whatnot. I push myself to the limit everyday, but the illness has taken too much of my life away.

If you have even a couple dollars to spare, consider putting it toward the dream of uniting two sick best friends. I would be forever grateful.



Anonymous said...

Annie, You and Kim look so cute in your pics. I hope you can get together some day too. The internet is a wonderful place isn't it?

Hoping you feel better and better everyday.

kimberley.bull said...

Annie, you are my sister babe! Always! Reading this made me cry, I love you to bits back and I really hope that one day we can scrape the funds to meet! Oh, and you look hot in your slanket so you should bring that with you to share ;) hehe. (oh and thanks for posting a nice pic versus the craziness that is my usual face haha.) love you always lady! So going to donate myself every time I have a tiny bit spare! Thanks for doing this baby! Fingers crossed it helps get us together! Long live Planet Lunatic!

Love you billions gorgeous,

Jen Daisybee said...

I met my friend Lauren online in 1997 on an email list for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We have since changed a lot. Our diagnoses have changed, our symptoms have changed, our life situations have changed, our other online friends have dropped off the face of the planet and are gone. There was a group of us at first, but today, Lauren and I are still good friends. We have never met, and it has been a long time, but we keep in touch online and through the mail. My life has been greatly enriched by our friendship. With the chronic illnesses I have, it's not easy to make friends or maintain friendships, but my friend Laur has always been there for me as a steady source of support and someone who lets me know I am not along. I totally understand your friendship with Kimberley and why you would want to meet her in person. I hope it works out for you! The internet really brings a lot of people together who otherwise might have been all alone.

Jen Daisybee said...

I mean lets me know I'm not "alone", not "along"! sorry about that! I also should say we both have lots of other friends now too, but the original group from the email list is the one that dropped off.

Grace said...

Such a lovely wish. My closest internet friend is in Australia! But we are hoping to meet in Paris is 2012. We wanted that time to start saving. I know how wonderful it is anticipating such a meeting. Have made many loving & supportive friends online. I wish only the best for you.