Friday, December 17, 2010

Love Me Fridays

  • My wonderful doctor and nurse at the Pain Clinic!
  • That it's my bestie's birthday!  Enjoy your day Sarah!
  • Being finished with Christmas shopping.
  • Japanese Mint Oil for my knee pain.
  • Coming up with new blog ideas!
  • That my other best friend Kim has had so much luck this week! She deserves every little bit of it!
  • Daydreams of running away to visit Kim.
  • Board games. I want a ton of them, but have no one to play them with me.
  • Chocolate covered potato chips.
  • Goat cheese.
  • Re-watching Fight Club.

(Images from WeHeartIt)

What are the little things you are grateful for this week?  What has helped you get through adversity?!  I managed to accidentally cold turkey off of my Clonazepam, which didn't work out very well (or well at all!), but these little things helped me through the process!



Baffled said...

*My doc finally getting me an appointment with a CFS specialist.
*His secretary giving me a 2011 calendar out of her office supply stores.
*My son getting his drivers license
*Going grocery shopping in my wheelchair.
*My doc giving me a handicap placard for my car
*Finding two free cookbooks on line from stonesoup
*Having a wood stove
*Working on my blogs all day
*Having a day off and spending it all on line

Anonymous said...

- I remembered to take my Clonazepam (how the heck did you go off it accidentally? Ouch!)
- Gave a spontaneous prezzie to my fav mom friend and she really just happened to need a pick me up
- I have my dd
- Dh is coming home tonight
- Thank goodness there's always Coca-Cola
- My antibiotics worked a charm
- Having a job and the opportunity to stay home with my sick child (yet again)
- Warm clothing for the cold weather
- Comfy sweat pants :)
- Pretty make-up (it's a change for me)
- my doggie
-my books and computer

Anonymous said...

Hi, just came across your blog via search engine. Borrowed your insomnia graphic for my blog ( and credited your blog. Hope that's okay. Not sure what your chronic condition is - I'm a 20-year veteran of chronic pain/dysfunction so can kind of relate. Good luck!

Treya said...

What a cool escalator!!!