Friday, December 31, 2010

Love Me Fridays

  • Having my own washer/dryer (thanks Mom and Dad!).
  • Blankies and pillows. Always.
  • Japanese mint oil for aches.
  • My new David's tea mug and tea that I got for Christmas from my sister!!
  • Actually, any and all of my Christmas gifts!
  • Having banana yellow nails.
  • Bejeweled 3 and my attempt to get all the achievements (which I did!!).
  • Everything is in marathon form on television. 
  • Netflix and Twitter for providing me with constant friendship <3 haha
  • Wrist braces for keeping those puppies in place!!
  • Jonathan, cause he's the cat's meow.
  • Not being alone on New Year's Eve :).
(Me sleeping on top of my tiny black dog Zoe at my parents' house)

(Images from WeHeartIt)

I love those two comics, especially remembering my experiences with legos!!  It's been a long, hard week, and I'm glad to see it finish.  By making this list of things I am grateful for, I feel like pushing onward...

What has made your week worth living?  What are the little joys you have noticed over the past seven days?  



middle child said...

We all have much to be grateful for. Joy this past week? Um,..shiny things like Christmas lights and ornaments. Left over baked goods. My daughter's great advice to me. And so many other things. Wishing you many blessings in the coming year!

Jessica said... both those comics!

So true...of both!