Friday, December 24, 2010

Love Me Fridays

  • Seeing my sister and Andrew again!
  • The new light pink nail polish that I bought.
  • Spending more time reading :).
  • The fact that I have no more doctor appointments for a week!
  • The Internet. Always the Internet. Have to have the Internet.
  • I made a collage this week AND left the house by myself for the first time in a LONG time to walk down to my post office.
  • That brief day that happens once in a blue moon where you feel remotely like a human.
  • Kim!!!!  I only got to talk to her once this week but it made my life a million times better. 
  • Finding a new power song!
  • Christmas!!!! (Obviously...).
  • The practice of healing. 
  • MarioKart and Jeopardy for the Wii.
The bestest get clean line!!

1 more day!!!!!!

Hahaha, I love this, especially for the chronically ill!!
(Images from WeHeartIt)

What is everyone else feeling grateful for at this holiday season??  Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  May you all have the most wonderful holidays!!



Baffled said...

Love the pics!

*Looking forward to having Baked Ravioli and flourless chocolate cake on Christmas day.
*My family sending us presents after I told them I couldn't send them anything this year.
*Getting my accrued vacation pay from work so I could buy my kid some presents.
*Friends coming over and making turkey dinner for us and then giving me a Reiki treatment. Divine!
*Friends inviting us over for Christmas eve dinner.
*WPI announcing that they are starting to figure out how XMRV is screwing with our cells; that they are opening a clinic this year; and they might have treatments within a year. Woohoo!! If they do this that will be the best present of them all!

Alison said...

Mario Kart is my favorite game for Wii. It's been my favorite video game since it came out when I was nine. I've asked for Jeopardy Wii for Christmas. If I get it those will probably be the only Wii games I really play. Love the idea of Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and the new ones but they give me motion sickness! But for some reason Mario Kart doesn't :)