Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

Here are some recommendations from a girl who spends a lot of time on the couch taking in the latest entertainment!

2 Days In Paris:

I love this cute little film.  I could watch it all of the time :).  I love the neurotics!  This couple falls into numerous mishaps over their brief trip to Paris, making for both poignant and amusing scenes.  It's a beautiful character study...something that Julie Delpy does so well.

Knocked Up:

This movie is funny.  Very funny.  Add in a happy ending and it's near perfect.  It's slightly crude (as all movies appear to be these days - not something I have a problem with!), but Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl make an unexpected pregnancy into a really beautiful thing.  Always a great show to throw on when you are feeling under the weather :).

What's Up Tiger Lily?:

I LOVE Woody Allen movies.  I mean LOVE.  Alas, this one just didn't do it for me.  It's an Asian film that was bought by Woody Allen, in order for him to do comical voice-over.  It had it's moments, but it definitely doesn't fall into the category of Annie Hall or Whatever Works.  It's one of his earlier films, so obviously it has been an uphill creative climb for him!

I can't believe it has taken me SO LONG to see this movie!  This film was so much fun!  Easily one of Kevin Smith's best, and he's made quite a few great movies (Can anyone say Dogma and Chasing Amy??!!).  Anytime you are feeling down in the dumps - I HIGHLY recommend.  I love these crazy kids :).

What have you watched/listened to/read and loved this week??  I'd love recommendations!



Anonymous said...

Loved loved loved "Knocked Up" Classic chick flick but the Joe-Man even enjoyed it!

Baffled said...

Watched two chick flicks both of which I liked: When in Rome and About a Boy. I also watched Cool World again. It was made back before CG so the animation is totally old school. I love the set designs, artwork and the total acid trippy cartoon world that most of this movie is set in. Not much in the plot department but it is neat watching a young Brad Pitt.

Toni said...

Annie: I LOVE "2 Days in Paris." I've watched it three times! Did you know that her parents are French actors and played her parents in the movie? It just made it all the more wonderful. And I learned in the special features that Julie Delpy's boyfriend wrote the music for it.

It's a little known gem!