Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

Again, watching lots and lots of television and movies this week, as a result of having a dip in medication, and subsequently a dip in mood haha. I love escaping from my own existence for a few hours a day and slipping into a life much more interesting than mine :).


This season has been incredible so far!! It is being built up for a VERY intense finale! I'm so happy that Lumen and Dexter are finally together. I am absolutely riveted by every second of this show this year - Julia Stiles was the PERFECT addition.  If you aren't caught up - CATCH UP. It's worth every second!

Taxi Driver:

A fan-freakin-tastic movie. Dark, gritty, and thought-provoking, this movie walks you through the life and thoughts of Travis, a mentally unstable Vietnam veteran turned taxi driver, who befriends a young local prostitute (Jodie Foster!), and channels his violent urges in order to save her.  I was surprised at how much I loved this film.


I watched this movie with Sarah and it was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better than we ever expected!  The beautiful trapeze artist decides to marry a sideshow dwarf, but his disfigured friends quickly learn it is for inheritance and try to stop the mess!

Manhattan Murder Mystery:

Love, love, love!  I so rarely find a Woody Allen movie that doesn't get put on the pedestal of my life :).  Diane Keaton gets nosy about the death of a neighbor and begins investigating the idea of murder, without the help of the police.  As she gets deeper into the investigation, she gets feelings for someone who isn't her husband.  It explores all sorts of brilliant ideas and themes, all while making you laugh and clutch the edge of your chair!

Who is your favorite movie director?



Alex said...

Chan-wook Park

Sue Jackson said...

Oh, wow, these all sound wonderful - can you believe I've never seen any of these?

Would love to try Dexter, but our TV-watching schedule is full (probably because we go to bed at 9!)

Hope you're feeling better soon - meanwhile, escaping into movies is the way to go!


Sue Jackson said...

P.S. I like the new blog look!

Diana Lee said...

Dexter has been AMAZING this season! I can't get enough. I'm looking forward to Top Chef All Stars starting tonight, too.