Monday, December 6, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Motilium stopped working and my Gastroparesis is back in full flare. Super. Back on the Gatorade and meal replacement shakes I go!
  • My knees are soooooo busted up.  I don't know if it's the weather, the shoes I wore yesterday, or what...but they are not happy campers.
  • Burning eyes.
  • Feeling like I need to somehow liven up my life...
  • I'm not sure if acupuncture is helping any, or making me worse :/.
  • Costochondritis
Otherwise, I've had a pretty great week!  I managed to go to the mall with a good friend that I hadn't seen in awhile, my mother got a prestigious award and I even got up to speak at the ceremony!  For someone who spends 98% of her life housebound, I was pretty proud of myself.  In addition, I'm falling in love with Jonathan all over again <3.

(Images from my phone and WeHeartIt)

How is everyone else this Monday??  Anyone need an ear for their problems?  I love to listen :).



Baffled said...

Getting my first cold since I've been ill. I'm amazed at how fast and how throughly it made me sick. I had a lung infection within three days of getting a sore throat. I also had a massive cold sore on my lip that went up into my nose. Ick. Ow! The cold is going away but now I'm exhausted. The worst part is that I was hoping to take my Mum a few places before she headed back home and instead I haven't set foot outside of the house the entire week. ARGH!

Anonymous said...

loving that love all over again. throwing star dust your way.

Leslie said...

How wonderful for your mother. I'm so proud of you for getting up to speak! Let's revisit our mall trip this week... smoothies and makeovers, yes please :)

stefpark said... proud of your Mother!What a great role model. Hope you are feeling ok today. My Monday is slow to start..lots of pain and immobility. But we are traveling to California on Thursday so I have to "push" to get things done.
<3 to you and congrats to Mom.