Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Wrap-Up

As I knew it would, the holidays took each and every last little ounce of energy and health out of me.

Add in some unexpected exercise, and I'm sorer than all miserable hell.  It will probably be a few days before I can walk remotely normal again.

I think I ate enough for about 400 people (thankfully - my meds were working out so I managed to keep it all down!).

I think I will become a sedentary creature until the New Year.

Self-care ideas for myself:
  • Peppermint oil on some of the pulled muscles.
  • Hot bubble baths.
  • Stopping the mass amounts of eating.
  • Doing a facial mask.
  • Drinking lots of water. 

(Images from google search and WeHeartIt)

Does everyone else have a holiday hangover?  My body does not like that much over-stimulation!  PJs and bed for a few days!



Baffled said...

I'm a bit sore. I took lots of naps yesterday but am doing well energy wise today. I've eaten too much rich food but I went back to simpler foods today so lots of fruit, salad and whole grains. I should be fine tomorrow. Of course I'm coming off my crash from my cold so I feel better anyway despite the Christmas stuff.

Just take care of yourself. Lots of rest, good food and good movies.

Toni said...

Yup: trashed, cooked, wilted...and all my other words for when I've way overdone it. Nothing to do but stay in bed for a couple of days. I'm watching re-runs of last season's Big Love since the final season starts in January. Love watching the three sister wives bicker!

Annie said...

I'm trying to take care of myself, but there is still so much work left to be done to clean up from it all!

And Toni, I agree...some days in bed watching those three wives bicker = pretty decent times :).

Shelli said...

Heehee! Yes, I posted the same thing yesterday! That picture of a bubble bath looks so good. I may have to try that today. Hope you bounce back quickly!

Bluebirdy said...

I was laid out flat on 26th, so much pain that I could not have even gotten to the E.R. without yelling, so stayed home thru pain that sometimes has sent me to the E.R. Still recovering some. So frustrating, but getting angry and upset makes my pain worse, so I have to convince myself to go with the flow and do what little I can.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too join you and the others in the "post-christmas-crash-club!"

This too shall pass! (?)

I'm proud of the pictures at my blog tho! Cuz Christmas was good.


Amanda said...

Yes, my body isn't happy either. I have the fibromyalgia and if you don't know, I had a liver transplant 9/1 so now I'm seriously full of problems, lol I slept my way through the holidays - gathering, sleep, party, sleep, get together, sleep, etc. and while i LOVE getting together with loved ones, I'm glad my last party of the holidays was today. Deep breath!! :)

Bluebirdy said...

Wow! You ARE amazing dealing with liver transplant too! Did auto immune disease damage your liver?
Blessings, Sheila/Penlady in twitter