Monday, December 20, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Waiting to see if the government wants to send me away and waiting to see if my family wants me to do it :/
  • I've been too social this weekend and it's TOTALLY wiped me out.
  • Being scared about getting a part-time job due to pain and lack of a memory (especially when it is in retail and involves standing...)
  • Being treated like I don't matter by some of my doctors.
  • Forgetting my Clonazepam in my drug cases last week, because it spun me into a wicked benzo withdrawal.  Tremors, sweating, and terrible anxiety until I figured out what it was.
  • Swollen lymph nodes.
  • I want a pet. This duplex doesn't allow them. Booooo.
And now for some amusing cats, as they seem to meet my needs right now!

What is bothering you this week?  Time for a little therapy session?  Same time, same place every Monday!  My shoulders feel lighter already :).



Sonja said...

Things that bug me:

I have a cold. It sucks.

Fruit flies. They've invaded my kitchen in swarms. Idk what to do.

Things with my bf. I do the right thing and he disagrees. He's spiraling out of control right now and I can't fix it. I don't know if we're going to be able to stay together.

We're supposed to get another storm tomorrow. 6-8 inches. Not a fan.

Alex has begun biting me when I blow my nose. With a deviated septum it makes quite a noise, and apparently she is sick of it.

Canker sores. I can't get rid of em.

Thanks for letting me rant!

Anonymous said...

Last Sunday evening I was in the ER because of nausea and the shits so bad I got dehydrated (not good for Addisonians) AND I still feel urpy. Joe-Man got it and he was over it in 24 hours. I still don't want to eat. BUT, how come I never lose weight when I am sick like this?

We have a live Christmas tree in the house, but have not decorated it yet. None of us are in the holiday mood. It's only two months since my Mom passed away. I think tomorrow when everone is at work I'll put some lights on it and some candy canes. I can't get to the ornaments cuz they are in the attic.

I had cleaning ladies come in Friday, and even though the house is clean there is mess everywhere. Coats, boots, guitars, I live with slobs.

Hopefully Tuesday will be better huh?

OOO am I crabby today or what?


That Girl With Endo said...

This surgery business sucks. This recovery business sucks. This endo business sucks. This resting business sucks.

Uh oh. I think I just whinged on someone else's blog ;)

I hope you are feeling better soon gorgeous!

Annie said...

Things that bug me:

Waking up Monday AM to my house still messy & cluttered...I should have finished cleaning over the weekend.

Not having the energy to clean and my joints and muscles are sore and achey from what cleaning I did do this weekend. Damn fibro!

My house still being cluttered no matter how much stuff I've gotten rid of over the past month or so! I feel like I'm buried alive!

My house is too small for 4 ppl & 2 dogs!

Bottom line...what really bugs me...i need a bigger house and can't get one right now!

Anonymous said...

snort. to funny!