Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quote of the Day - Billy Bob Thornton

Marijuana used medically is one of my primary sources of pain relief and general treatment for my Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS.  I agree with Billy Bob on this one...what's so wrong with that?

I'm a firm believer that this drug needs to be legalized and brought in as a painkiller for more serious pain conditions. 

Hopefully you'll all respond and get some conversation going, to distract me from the scary possibilities currently running around in my mind regarding my health.



steph said...

It's the best painkiller I've tried yet. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll go a step farther. I think it needs to be legalized (and regulated) period.

But especially medicinally. They keep pulling prescription pain meds off the market because they're finding more and more dangerous side effects no one knew about. I was affected by that first with Vioxx, which was the only thing that took down my post-surgical inflammation without noticeable side effects, and now with Darvocet, which is the only pain medication I've been able to use without really bad side effects.

People have been smoking marijuana approximately forever without a single death attributed to overdose. Talk about a good safety profile! Still, US doctors even in states where it's legal medicinally hesitate to recommend it because it's still illegal federally. Dispensaries are constantly being raided by law enforcement or ripped off by thieves. I wouldn't want my name in those dispensary databases, lest the feds or the thieves come knocking at my door.

It sucks that such a safe, effective drug isn't readily available (and covered by health insurance!).

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

I use medical cannabis as an adjunct to my narcotics - I think of it as the WD-40 of my life. Yes, I may be able to do without it but the way I feel and act and respond to my family suffers a diminution of my normal relative good nature.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...
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Rhian said...

Only thing that works for me. No I don't drive, I don't smoke it but I have it in tea usually. I am approved for the Health Canada stuff but I can't afford the 400$/month it costs nor can I get out myself to deal with all the restrictions they put on it.

Crysal said...

I wish it was legal here! I've never tried it but am all for anything that would help us get out of pain. My husband says he wouldn't want me to because I'm taking care of our child. We'll see what happens when the time comes which i hope is in the near future! Hey we got dadt appealed so why not have weed for those in need?

Treya said...

How interesting... I never new he had ME/CFS and Fibro. I used to smoke as a teenager. It really didn't agree with me in the end. I have a VERY sensitive body. Even caffeine in Tea makes me feel uncomfortable. Obviuosly I don't drink coffee. This was the case before I got sick.

I would personally be concerned as to how it may affect my brain. My illness gives me very unstable moods as is.

If it works for some, then why not... I can't imagine smoking it would be the healthiest way to use it though.

Eric Figgins said...

I think Billy Bob's take on it is more for recreational than medicinal use. Sure, it could be safer than a lot of the other chemicals we load our bodies up on anymore, in which case it could be great if it works for you better than anything else.

Most people just want to get high, and our culture is becoming so fragile-minded and weak that soon we're going to have a bunch of mindless automatons doped up on whatever the elite few want us on.

Sort of like how cancer was almost non-existent in the ancient world, but its growth has EXPLODED due to our current foods available.

Don't use it for escape or to weaken/distract your mind, otherwise you (in general, no one in particular) have bigger problems on hand!!! Some honestly do... in which case, maybe this isn't such a bad alternative to them. Such as many of those with fibromyalgia :(

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Anonymous said...

I've talked about this on my blog and still wonder about it. I was never a pot-smoker in my early years, but my brother and a lot of my friend were. (I was a drinker...I worked for the police so I stayed away from pot because of that) For pain relief or bad nausea how much do you need? That's what interests me. Do you have to get stoned or will just a bit help? And yes, I think it must be safer than some of the meds we take.

rlee8235 said...

I've been wondering about it but, like many, don't have the energy to jump through the hoops that it takes to get it.I've heard it really helps.