Monday, December 13, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Not getting enough of my to-do list done.
  • Money, money, money! Drowning in bills :/.
  • The chest pains I've had all week.
  • Running out of dark chocolate!
  • Dry mouth.
  • Needing to work more on my cross-stitch...I'm almost procrastinating...
  • Running out of Louis C.K. comedy specials haha
  • The fact that I missed Susan when she was dropping off fudge on Sunday!
  • I wish I could make everyone (including myself) feel better. Grandiose, I know.
  • That I have to re-register with my bank in order to see what the statement is on my MasterCard. Grr.
Otherwise, just can't wait to land in bed!  

(Images from WeHeartIt)

What is making you angry/sad/jealous/etc... of this week? Sharing these feelings is the best way to dust them off and start moving forward!



Baffled said...

This has been a seriously crappy week:
lost my disability insurance
lost my job
an aquaintance of my son died in a skiing accident
a friend of my husband got in a bad car accident and he and his wife got flown to a hospital in Boston and are both in ICU
another friend of my husband rolled his truck but faired a bit better
Dominique over at 4 Walls and a View has to put her lovely dog down tomorrow
It has been pouring buckets all day.

Sue Jackson said...

I'm totally with you on #1!! Waayy too much to do and too little energy to do it. I bought a wreath over a week ago and still haven't put the bow on it and hung it on the door. Wish I could just take a week off and forget all the to-dos and read books...but I can't.

Otherwise, my son was home sick today. Hate to see him crashed - I wish I could wave a magic wand and make him better.


Annie said...

Oh Baffled, I wish I could give you a hug!! That is a seriously crap week. Sending all of my positive energy to you!

And Sue, I wish I could make your son better too!

Anonymous said...

i can't say how much i luv'd that last photo. resonates.
just spent some time catching up on your posts over past several days. always a delight. your comment on not personalizing medical opinion was something many struggle w i think. keep talking.