Sunday, December 12, 2010

Links, Links, Links!

My scattering of Internet distraction and fascinating articles of the week!

All of my twitter friends will understand this feeling (and likely be guilty of it!).

A manatee running into glass - which I shouldn't find as funny as I do :P

Cat Vs. Internet by the Oatmeal. Hilarious.

A little Christmas cheer!

Lifehacker's top 10's of 2010!

Time's view on Wikileaks main man...,28804,2028734_2028733_2028727,00.html?xid=poyw-twit

Procrastination, as hilariously showed by Hyperbole and a Half :)

A really poignant article about how we should value ourselves, even if we may feel like broken dolls.

What have you found this week and loved??


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