Saturday, September 4, 2010


It's funny the little turns that life can take.

Two days ago, I would have told you that I was done.  That I was too tired to bother fighting any harder.  Life had just gotten too hard to comprehend.  I was so depressed.

But life somehow always sends you a little message to tell you that you just might survive this incident.

My relationship and my health both hit the skids...thankfully, the relationship appears to have recovered.

The first change came last night, when watching a one-on-one interview with Michael J. Fox.  He is just so inspiring, as someone open with a neurological illness on television; explaining his days as both an optimist and a pessimist.  I figured, hey - maybe I should cut myself some slack for the upsetting situations at hand - none are entirely my fault, and yet I'm carrying too much weight on my shoulders.

Also, it looks like some form of compromise can potentially be made in terms of living arrangements, so I am just running with it.  Until then, take the highs and lows as they come.

On a side note - the MRI's came back with one spot on my pituitary gland and a bulge on my spine.  My neurologist didn't seem too concerned so I have an appointment with him in 3 weeks.  I hope it is nothing too serious, and yet hopefully something serious enough that it could be treated at the same time.  Always divided.  Story of my life.

How is everyone's weekend?  Has anything in particular pulled you out of a funk recently??



Shelli said...

Ah, I got my massage today. Heavenly. My masseuse is wonderful. Glad to hear you've found some solutions lately. Hope it all works out for you.

gina said...

glad to hear the optimism. I try to take it day my day. I also have days where I think I can no longer go on, and then I think about my daughter, my husband and me.

Mostly, working has helped me a lot lately. Finally finding a job that makes me happy as done me some good.

i hope you enjoy your weekend..


Toni said...

I'm glad to hear about the compromise in your living situation. Any change sounds like it will be good for you on this.

Enjoy your weekend, Annie.

Nancy said...

Annie, I just love Michael J Fox! I've always been a fan, yet his inspiration has had such a large impact on me over the past few years. If you haven't already, read his books! I had on of his books in audiobook version, and would listen to him telling his story. It was amazing. For as silly as this might sound, it felt like a friend sitting with you, telling you about his experiences. I had a few "ah ha" moments while listening to his story. What an amazing man, who has probably touched more people than he will ever know. :)

I was thinking of you, and hoping that Earl isn't causing too much chaos down east. I haven't tuned into the news today, so I have no idea what the situation is there.

Hoping that you are having a peaceful night Annie. You are always close to my heart.

Take care,


elisabeth said...

I have been filled with funk lately. Funk-o-fied. Funktastic. So I've been doing little things that make me happy and it seems to be working. I finally baked a loaf of banana bread (that's already half gone!). I just about keeled over by the time I was done, but it was so nice to munch on warm bread I baked myself. I also changed the bedsheets to my favourite red ones and cleaned up my side of the bedroom. It is much cosier and more relaxing now so I'm really glad I did that. Some time chilling with my kitties and even though my health hasn't changed much, my mood certainly has. *hugs*

upnorth said...

I know where you're coming from Annie. I feel the exact same way sometimes like "I just can't stand another momment in this sick body"....not sure what pulls me out of a funk, but my bad moods never seem to last too long. Weekend, weekend, stretched out before me. I tried being semi-active this morning...not such a good idea so now I'm laying in be reading your blog....plans? I may eat some chocolate later

Sue Jackson said...

It's amazing how when you hit bottom, something always comes along to pull you back out, isn't it? Been there many times myself, so I could relate to your story.

I always find Michael J Fox inspiring. He's an amazing person, and I love his positive attitude. I want to read his latest book - his first memoir was excellent.

Glad things are looking up for you -