Monday, September 27, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • How I don't remember sub cheese tasting as gross in the past as it did today! Yuck.
  • Trying to remember something from my childhood and having it be totally gone, while everyone else in the room can remember the moment!
  • That I feel other people's feelings too strongly.
  • Being too tired to fill out my sleep study questionnaire (oh the irony!).
  • People. Drama. Anger. I have a LOT of it right now.  I know, not a healthy emotion, and try to channel it into other things.
  • Being diagnosed on the Aspergers spectrum, and yet having no idea how to find help to learn social cues and whatnot as an adult :/ (but thankfully Twitter friends helped!).
  • Feeling torn :(.
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What is ticking you off this Monday??  I've been almost too tired to post this blog, so I'm sure other people out there need a rant!



Sonja said...

Things that bug me:

My boss and I got into a fight on Thursday, and in 10 minutes I might have lost my job and my best friend. I'm waiting for him to call to see if we can work things out.

Fibro flares. When I have stuff to do. And when it's a beautiful fall day outside.

The stupid pregnant woman who walked by my window earlier. I can't wait til it snows so I can't see the pregnant tummies.

The very pregnant chick in front of me at the store the other day who went on and on about how the "Expecting Mother" spot in the parking lot was the best thing ever.

Star Trek TNG isn't on tonight.

/end rant

Thanks, I needed that!

Toni said...

Love the Aldous Huxley quote Annie.

You amaze me everyday: how you write this blog and inspire others despite all you're having to deal with.

Maria Marz said...

Insurance company questionnaires

Baffled said...

*all the stupid paperwork my company makes me fill out every month to prove that I'm still sick
*all the stupid forms the insurance company wants
*I might have to see one of the insurance company doctors
*bad drivers
*swinging between insomnia and sleeping for 12 hours straight
*being out of synch with the rest of the world: I have to make all of my appointments for the afternoon since I'm still sleeping most mornings
*doctors not having office hours at 1am when I feel ok
*being stuck in the house

elisabeth said...

While it's mainly geared toward early diagnosis, has some really great idea/tips for practising skills and such! *hugs*