Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

I feel like I have taken in more random pop culture tidbits than I can seem to remember this week.  GO BRAINFOG!!  Woot.  Anyways, I will talk to you about what I remember seeing, and work from there!


This was one of the most amazing movies I have seen in recent memory.  It's completely brutal and completely over the top, but so self-aware!!  An all-star cast populate this film, including Robert DeNiro, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, and Lindsay Lohan.  Most fun I have had watching a movie in recent months - definitely going right into permanent favorites!  Not a movie for the conservative, but everyone else - RUN to see this movie!

Get Him To The Greek:

This was...okay.  It had funny moments.  I actually like Russell Brand, and I love him with Katy Perry!  This movie was just too many drugs, too many moments of vomiting, and too over the top with no apparent purpose.  If you are really bored, throw this movie on.  But trust me, you will not be kicking yourself if you miss it.


I've been using this recently as my form of streaming music online.  We don't get to have neat things like Pandora in Canada, so this is my best option as far as I can tell.  You can look up individual albums, what's currently popular, or just play one of their custom radio stations.  Right now, I'm listening to their custom rock - right now The Golden Rose by Tom Petty!

What are you enjoying in all of the art forms this week!?

Suggestions loved!!



Angela said...

Try Jango, it's the closest thing (available in Canada) to Pandora that I've found. I love it!

Baffled said...

I saw a couple of bad movies whose titles I've already forgotten. Bad brain fog this week. One good one, Love me if you Dare, which is french with english subtitles. I couldn't predict the plot twists which was kind of cool. I've seen so many movies at this point it is nice to see something unusual.

As for TV, I'm just finishing up Stargate Atlantis. Yup, five seasons in a week. Can you tell I've had a bad week??? Just started watching Nip/Tuck. At first I wasn't quite sure about this one. It verges on the edge of morally bankrupt but the plots kept me watching. Now that I'm a few episodes in I think I'm hooked.

It was also Premier week here in the states so I got to see new episodes of Dancing with the Stars, Castle and Glee. I also started watching Hawaii Five 0 which is pretty good.