Friday, September 24, 2010

Love Me Fridays

This week I'm loving:
  • Purring cats (even though I'm slightly allergic!).
  • Sleep in those few precious moments I can find it.
  • Beautiful sunrises.
  • Lavender nail polish.
  • Changes in scenery.
  • My boyfriend - who has stepped up like a champ in terms of helping me with things around the apartment!
  • Salt scrubs (and baths that go with it!)
  • Gluten-free Chex cereal!
  • New readers!
  • Ginger ale.
  • Shopping online (bought Toni Bernhard's How To Be Sick!)
(in this case Fall!)
(Images from WeHeartIt, The Daily What, and Bug Comic).

What are the little joys you are grateful for this week??  Please share, it makes me so happy!  This process of reflection has given my life so much more meaning :).



Maria Marz said...

I am extremely grateful for my beautiful family, especially my supportive husband.

Baffled said...

I've had a bad week so I am having trouble with this exercise today. However, I love several of your entries particularly the lavender nail polish. Please post a picture!!

I just started reading Toni's book the other week. I love it! Let us know what you think.

Okay, I've come up with a couple of things

*hugs from my husband
*hugs from my chiropractor (he gives awesome hugs)
*flowers showing up unexpectedly from the florist
*pretty cards from my mom
*my cat snuggling up against my leg and then falling asleep

Jenny said...

I'm a big fan of buttons so I love the tree pic :D

I'm so grateful for the care, support and love my husband has always show but especially in the last two weeks...we went through IVF and today we find out if it worked. He's been so amazing with my emotions and has done EVERYTHING to just keep me as relaxed as possible.

this is a great idea for a weekly post...something I need to contemplate ;)

Bethany Mason said...

Love the tree pic - I have to say I'm grateful for the hugs my boyfriend gives me and that he lets me cry on his shoulder when I'm down. And cupcakes...can't forget cupcakes :)