Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

A car alarm is going off right now outside of my window. Marvelous.

These are all things that have sounded better to my ears over the past week!!

How To Lose Friends and Alienate People:

I didn't expect much of this movie, despite the fact that I love Simon Pegg (a lot).  I didn't even know Jeff Bridges was in it until part way through the movie!  I really enjoyed this laugh-a-minute romp through the life of a guy with permanent foot-in-mouth problems.  Definitely something to watch again!  Laughter is the best medicine :).

The Brave One:

I loved this story, despite the fact that I watched it mid-nervous breakdown.  Jodie Foster does bad-ass like no other female in the movie business.  Goes to show how violent acts simply breed more violent acts.  You can't even necessarily blame her for the choices she makes, as it is easy to insert yourself into the character's shoes.  The ending rocked my socks.

Dragons' Den:
A Canadian show that I've been watching lately at my friend's house, as all we get there is CBC.  This is a show where inventors give a presentation and ask five notable rich Canadians to invest in them.  The amount of hilarity and cruelty that follows nearly knocks me off of the couch every single week.  Can't miss.  

What have you guys been watching/listening to lately??  I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting things!!



Honeybell said...

I love harold and kumar go to white castle! I forget the real title but that one should make you laugh; if that doesn't do it, there's always , Airplane! just a suggestion!

lalez said...

GREAT movie suggestions ...
i would suggest a comedy i saw last night but sadly it is only in german.. but hilarious to no end


Anonymous said...

Last couple if days I've been watching my Buffy DVDs, forgot how girly and squeely I become! Has cheered me up alot to revisit my teenage self :D

Baffled said...

Geek that I am I've been watching Stargate Atlantis. I never did see the series in order. Makes way more sense now.

I've also been watching the new season's TV shows: Dancing with the Stars, Castle and Glee. It has been great fun seeing my favorite shows again. Cheered me up after a bad couple of days.

Sue Jackson said...

Good movie recommendations - I added them to my list! I LOVE Jodie Foster, but I haven't seen this one.

We're still watching old episodes of Mad Men (season 2) and The Mentalist (season 1) on DVD, but we're also very excited about the new TV season starting this week. Grey's Anatomy tonight!!