Friday, September 10, 2010

Love Me Fridays

  • Doctors that actually take me seriously.
  • The fact that my psychologist is a wonderful person and makes me feel so comfortable.
  • Giant stuffed animals (even if they are for Bronwyn!).
  • Baby clothes!  I wish they made clothes that cute in my size!
  • Not the giant migraine I have...
  • Having a new power cord for my laptop (even though I wanted an entirely new laptop!).
  • The fact that I'm getting along wonderfully with my boy and my girls.
  • Celebrity Jeopardy!
  • Sleep (although I think the sleep study I have to do might interfere tonight!).
  • Crazy plans for the future made with friends late at night.
  • Care packages.

(Images from WeHeartIt)

What are you loving this week?? Little somethings to keep us going through this roller coaster of life are important!



Baffled said...

I got the usual list of little things: naps, my cats and my husband slowly accepting this situation.

But I've also got a huge thing: I started putting together a site for an online bookclub for chronic chicks. I am hoping that several of us can get together on line to read and discuss books about living the chronic life. I'm still working on the site and I'm hoping to launch it next week for Invisible Illness week. I'm very excited about it.

Anonymous said...

My list isn't that long :) Today's things:
• being able to redye my purple hair today without too much pain
• painted my nails to match my hair!
• the episode of Buffy that was randomly on (haven't seen that in aaaaages!)
• knowing that later I can play plants vs zombies on xbox!!!
Not much, but all made me smile!

Sue Jackson said...

I love baby clothes, too!! I love picking out outfits for new babies!

Let's see, what am I loving?

Friday! two days without jumping up to the alarm clock coming up.

Cool weather - hurray! It finally dropped below 90 here and I even wore capris instead of shorts today - oh, boy!

Did I mention it's the weekend?