Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sleep Study

So last night I hooked myself up to a machine with a whole bunch of wires, oxygen through the nose, and straps all over my body.

It was the more expensive sleep study that I could do before going to the sleep lab in Saint John (for whatever sleep issue they believe me to have - currently narcolepsy?).

It was difficult to sleep, but I managed to get some data in.  Hopefully, someone somewhere will be able to make sense of the information and help me out in some form or fashion.

I'm tired of doing tests.
They never end.
I know all of my spoonie friends hear my pain.

(Image from WeHeartIt)

What is everyone up to on this rainy weekend?  Hopefully things more exciting than sleep studies!!  Tell tell!



Baffled said...

Love the cartoon!!
I hate sleep studies. They are such a misnomer. I never sleep during them either. Currently they are trying to get me to use a CPAP machine which is an evil torture device that doesn't let you sleep at all. Icky!

As for the weekend, it is sunny where I live and both my boys are out and about in the world. So it just might be chick flick and thai food time ;-)

Anonymous said...

I need to take meds to sleep at night, but....during the day if I am tired I can sleep leaning against a tree! I hope the tests help you out Annie!

Pink Doberman said...

It is one moment one day one thing at a time. Don't think beyond. You are doing just fantastically. Hang in there! Tonja