Monday, September 6, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Being in a group of people who are drinking, when I can't hold down more than a single drink!
  • Insomnia.  It's been extra mean to me these last two weeks.
  • Having to call the pain clinic to ask for higher pain control.  It makes me embarrassed, and I wish I was strong enough to just power through it.
  • Broken families :(.
  • The fact that I don't have a magic wand that I can use to fix everyone's problems.  I hurt when my friends hurt.
  • Feeling out of control (aka ALL of the time).
  • Wacky hormones.  
  • When people I love get sick - as for some reason I feel like I should carry it all.  
  • My lungs have been giving me shit lately.
  • The entirety of Saturday night and Sunday.
  • Not being able to access tv online whenever I very desperately need distraction!

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What is frustrating you this week??  It's time for some rants!



middle child said...

1 - the fact that I can't sleep all day and all night.
2 - That I don't have minions.
3 - I am lazy and lack energy.
4 - My man is gone and I won't cook for myself.
5 - The faucet leaks.
6 - I still haven't cleaned the pop off the walls and carpet and ceiling. (see #3)
7 - the fact that I still don't see what I am s'posed to be doing with my life.

Sending you Peace and Joy.

Leslie said...

I'm wishing I had one of those feel-good magic wands myself.

My magic wand would also clean my entire house and conjure up clotheshangers which are apparently a hot commodity in our home.

It would also eliminate the stomach pain I've been dehabilitated by for the past couple of days. There is only so much comfort one can get from cold packs which, by the way, don't last nearly long enough.

Hope to see you soon. <3

That Kind of Girl said...

Hey hey, what is this "I wish I was strong enough to just power through it"? Dude, you're insanely strong! Reading your blog and your tweets constantly inspires me!

If your body's being kind of a jerk lately, then taking advantage of modern medicine is a really, really good way to be strong. I hope you never feel guilty about doing whatever you need to do.

Be kind to yourself, dude! You're a friggin' champion!

Also, to be thematic, stuff that's bugging me this week: my messy apartment, my utter lack of concentration, and my empty bank account. Something tells me if I could master the second one, the first and third would fall into place. I guess to-do lists are in order this week!

Baffled said...

* hubby making me feel guilty about needing organic wheat free food (read that expensive)
* hubby not going out and getting a job (his business is dying and he is worrying about finances)
* hubby buying a third 1950s Bel Air to fix up so that he'll have something to do since he is at home all the time cuz he doesn't have a job. No mention of where the money came from for this purchase or where the money will come from for car parts.
*hubby making me feel guilty cuz I'm going on disability pay which is only 60% of my normal salary.
*hubby not acknowledging that he is a lucky bastard cuz I get disability pay, medical, vision, dental and disability insurance instead of loosing my job and everything else that goes with it.

Ok, I feel a bit better. I think I need to have a discussion with husband.

Don't beat yourself up about needing pain meds. Its not your fault. Your body is just on the fritz and you need some help.

Toni said...

The fact that it's a big holiday in the U.S. but that, since getting sick, one day is just like the other so holidays have lost their special meaning.

Reformed Anon. Girl in Pain said...

♡ that I'm paying for traveling yesterday
♡ that I have to take an advocate with me to my next docs appt because they aren't listening to me, I've been medically responsible for my own medical decisions since age 14 so I feel like a failure and a child
♡ that I'm not hungry, know I should eat, but am tired of forcing myself so I'm not
♡ that I'm still in pain even with 2x my usual pain med dose, it hurts to breathe, move etc
♡ that my lack of muscle tone is making my joints dislocate, which hurts like a beeeep!
♡ that these steenking little hearts aren't making me feel better

Leslie - try cryomax 8 hour icepacks, they are so awesome!!

Jamee said...

-Insomnia (I totally feel ya sister!)
-The fact that today is a US holiday but I still have to work
-That I have YET to hear an answer from my doctor about a referral. Going on week 4 with no news.
-Pain killers. The pain is horrible but when I take my pain meds the nausea is horrible. Why can't I have pain relief w/o crappy side effects?
-That we had plans with a great couple (a spoonie couple at that!) and we had to cancel because I feel like I've been hit by a bus.

Just Be Real said...

I can so relate to some of your rants. Thank you for sharing you heart. Blessings.