Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back Home...Not Yet Back To Life

Guess who's back?!?!?!?!?!

I finally got myself out of that place.  Sadly, I'm worse off than ever for pain, but slowly starting to eat again.  Right now I'm only semi-conscious as my sciatic nerve has decided to ruin my life.

Either way, I'm free from the suppression of hospital stays.

I've never been so disgusted with health care treatment in all my life.

Glad to be able to talk to you all again though :)



Rosebud Beads said...

Yay! Glad to be hearing from you! Sorry to be hearing you are still not well.

Sonja said...

Good to see you back *hugs*

Alison said...

welcome back :)

Assiya said...

Welcome back Annie! I missed you.
I'm sorry your hospital stay was so bad

Toni said...

Sciatica pain is awful. I hope it subsides soon, Annie. It sounds like you're better off at home though. I hope you feel a bit better each day.

Anonymous said...

So happy you are home and in your own comfy bed. Rest, eat what you can, and watch some old movies. \xoxomo

Robyn said...

Welcome home, Annie! We missed you! I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly hun... but I'm glad you're eating a little somethin-something!


elisabeth said...

Welcome back! Were they able to figure anything out? *hugs*

Jamee said...

So glad that you are home! Sorry that your stay was less than ideal! Hopefully they were at least able to figure some things out! (((hugs and painfree wishes)))