Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Things I've Been Feeling The Need For...

This needs no real explanation.  It's just cool.
If I had a house, I would totally want staircases like these.
A) I want the dress and B) I need to get my hair cut again because it's looking scraggly.  Plus Ginnifer Goodwin is a cutie.
I kind of want to be this person.  Maybe I'll set up one on the step to my apartment.
These look juvenile, yes, but they fulfill my childish dream to wear the solar system.
I would like a vacation please and thank you.

Now, I need to go work on writing actual things of interest -- guest post coming up for both myself and this blog!! 



elisabeth said...

OMG! I love waffles and totally want that iron! And yay for guest post!

Anonymous said...

I love all of the above....except the solar system can have those!

Assiya said...

Cool! I especially love the dress!

Amanda said...

fun shares!! :) the dress is so cute and i want a vacation too!! mmm waffles! xoxo

Toni said...

Love the bannister. Love Ginnifer Goodwin, especially in Big Love. Love how you post pictures to brighten my day.

Alison said...

stairs, typewriter waffle iron, amazing.

I actually saw a guy on the street once with a "ask me anything for a dollar sign" I gave him a dollar but forget what I asked him.