Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Semblance of Life?

My doctor's appointment yesterday was quite amazing.

I was taught a breathing exercise that was the first one to work in the entirety of my life (with a watch - breathe in 20 seconds with your nose, hold for 20 seconds, spend 20 seconds blowing out).  It was the first time in my entire life where I was capable of thinking only one thought at a time, which is an impressive feat.

My doctor is super Zen and is making a referral for me to see a private psychologist regarding my emotional regulation issues.  Apparently she will be able to teach me mindfulness better than I have been accomplishing so far (or I'll just have to get my hands on Toni's book!

I was also prescribed Nabilone, which has allowed me to get up and cook some light food over the past two days.  I am still occasionally throwing up, but that's better than starving myself.  I can't wait for food to become an easy addition to my life again!

Either way, it's some treatment and some help.  That's all one can really ask for in this position.  It's a beautiful day and I can't wait for Jonathan to wake up so we can go sit in the sun :).

(Image from WeHeartIt)

Internet hugs to everyone!



Anonymous said...

Love that your doctor listened to you. I will have to try that breathing technique. Never heard of that medication so I looked it up....sounds like it might work for you! Fingers crossed!

Toni said...

Hi Annie,

I'm so glad this doctor gave you some things that are helping.

Yes, mindfulness can be very helpful. I talk a lot about it in the book and and have one chapter just devoted to it. I'll send you that chapter in case you find something helpful in it (it will be a draft form but that's okay). I'm glad you'll be seeing someone about it.

Yeah! Some progress for you.


Shelli said...

Oh, finally a little relief for you. And hope, a lovely combination. I'm hoping your new doctor will work miracles with you.

Assiya said...

Glad to hear things are looking up!!
Also, I love that image a ton :)

Rosebud Beads said...

This is my face right now
---> : D!!!!

So happy to hear that you got some useful information and that more help is on the way!

Maya said...

Oh, genius! It's wonderful to have a good, helpful doctor's appointment, isn't it? Reading your post made me happy.

And I'm totally stealing that breathing exercise.

Have a lovely time in your solar bath ;)

Jendometriosis said...

I use a very similar technique but it's a little shorter. I count backwards from 10...from 10-7 I inhale, hold from 6-5 and exhale to zero. I'll have to see if I can go to 20 seconds....

hope the new medication helps you

Robyn said...

I'm so glad to hear some good news coming out of Canada! ;-) You've really been weighing heavily on my mind lately, and I'm just so relieved to hear someone listening to you. Not to mention eating! That's only slightly crucial, haha.

I'm going to try that breathing exercises... I find them really useful for counteracting my random panic attacks. Also, I LOVE that image from weheartit... that's so how I feel about my blogger buddies. Sometimes I just wish I could hop a plane to PEI and come hang out with you!

Glad things are looking up, my love!


Vladimir Levin said...

Hi Annie, I am glad to hear you're doing somewhat better! It's such a back-and-forth process but hopefully every so often it's more steps forward than back!!! Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of something wonderful for you!

Annie said...

Aww thanks everyone!

And yeah Robyn, I totally wish we all just had magical teleporters that would allow us to spend time together :)

Alison said...

wow, 20 seconds! You muts have quite a lung capacity!