Monday, April 19, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Being sick and tired and sleeping my day away when I have a bunch of things I should be doing.
  • The annoyance of being without energy and having to find a new place to live within a reasonably short time period...
  • The feeling of pills being stuck in my throat.
  • Feeling overwhelmed.  It's a stupid feeling.
  • I wish I had a personal chef...that would be good.  I doubt it would stop my uncontrollable urge to look at websites like Photograzing and Food Porn Daily though.  It's an addiction!!!
  • I also feel similarly with my artwork to this Marc Johns' print.
Moral of the story is...things are looking up-ish.
I'm happy.
Just tired.

Tell me what is getting under your skin on this gloomy Monday (at least in my location!)??



Anonymous said...

Hi Annie ~

Nice to meet you. I am returning to blogging, but can't seem to find enough time! That and my teens take-over the pc :-}.

I don't like this Monday because I have to go to the dentist for a check-up AND a cleaning. First of all it's been a year, so they've got some work to do. But cleanings especially wear me out. Does that happen to all CFIDS folks? Usually I schedule the check-up and the cleaning separately to conserve my energy! I must be feeling somewhat better physically or something!

Not only that, but I have to forgo my walk (in nature) because of this appt!


Jamee said...

The weather is beautiful here in NC (hate that its gloomy where you are!) but fibro flares are definitely on my annoyance list today. Especially that I am extremely sensitive to touch today. I couldn't even get a good hug from my hubby this morning. Definitely something that bugs me. Oh and how bad I want a Coke. Kicking the soda habit stinks.

Annie said...

Judy - it's not just you on the cleanings! I don't know why, but I still am more comfortable going to the hospital than I am with going to the dentist. Odd for sure.

Jamee - I can understand both points! I hate it when I'm too sensitive for hugs and I haven't been able to cut down my 1 soda a day habit. Oh well, I figure if I have to be sick, I'm at least allowed a little pleasure once in awhile!

elisabeth said...

Ooooh... I hate that feeling! Even after you swallow the pill your throat still feels like it's there. Or when one of my pills gets wet and tastes terrible ick. But, yay for moving?!

Toni said...

Hi Annie,

I am SO with you on the pill thing!

I'm glad that things are looking up-ish. Sometimes up-ish is the best I can do. Just that little ray of sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Annie, You are going to move? I hope you find someplace you really like with lots of windows and a great big tub!

Annie said...

Maureen, you are so so so right. A big tub and lots of windows are on the list of things I REQUIRE in a new living space!

Sara Jean said...

"-ish" is sometimes all we have...

I am glad you have at least the -ish!

Assiya said...

Glad things are looking up-ish. Hope the up trajectory continues :)

I seem to have picked up a cold in the ER last week, which is making me cranky, tired, and hard to catch up on all the school work I missed when my chronic health was flaring. But all in all, life seems to be looking up-ish here too... I think?

Leslie said...

Four hours in the car to visit my grandmother (and drive back home!) However, the visit was profitable: on top of quality grandmother time, I returned with a 14lb chicken and a dozen homemade donuts!

Glad you're feeling happy today!