Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paging Dr. House...

It's 3 in the morning.

I have to be up for 8 in order to go to a doctor's appointment.

And yet, I'm in too much pain to be asleep and unable to do anything more exciting than chill out on the Internet with the screen light turned wayyyy down as my eyes are burning out of my head.  I have been on the couch at night A LOT lately, as I try to allow my overworked boyfriend some sleep time while I live the insomnia lifestyle.  It's okay though.  It involves a laptop and a heating pad.

The more I look at my symptoms and how fast everything has gone downhill...the more I think it is CFIDS/Fibromyalgia/PCOS/severe depression issue.  Not that I have a whole lot of options to make the situation better.  Who knows?  Either way, I'm cutting back on some of my pain meds and antibiotics in the hope of being slightly more steady on my feet.

I hope tomorrow goes as well as possible.  I need to catch a break.  I wonder if I'll ever be able to come to terms with having a medical issue this severe.  Bleh.  I totally need Dr. House right now hahaha.

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Robyn S. said...

My sister is a huge fan of House, and she says this to me all the time as if House is a legitimate doctor. I'll tell her some sick story, she'll sigh wistfully and say, "If only House were here... he could fix you."

Lol. I love my sister.

Also, you might have noticed, I'm up too. My sleeping pills are at the pharmacy and my good pillow's in the basement and my tummy hurts so I'm just kind of chilling out online too. Nice to know you're out there, even though I hope you're able to find some sleep soon!


chrissy said...

HANG IN get that from my mom when she does not know what to say in regards to my chronic pain...i laugh sometime but she is right..thats all we can do but to hand in their...stay strong, stay hopefull, stay positive...thats what I say...:)

elisabeth said...

*hugs* and good luck with the doc!

Forgetful Girl said...

Sending you a virtual hug Annie!

When I'm having trouble sleeping I use my relaxation tracks. Some are hypnosis (goes great when you take SSRI at night!!) tracks (like Paul McKenna), others are just nice relaxing music and some have relaxion techniques on them.

Hope the doctor's appointment was helpful.

Rosebud Beads said...

I hope it goes well with the doctor! I miss you! xo

Toni said...

I hope the doctor you see today LISTENS. Let us know what happens.

Virtual hugs.

Jamee said...

I have so wished for an appt with Dr. House too! Maybe he could figure out everything that is wrong with me (that no one else seems to be able to figure out!). I hope your dr appt goes well. ((((hugs))))

p.s. would you ever been interested in doing a guest post on my blog? Leave me a comment or shoot me an email at 517butterfly at gmail dot com!

Anonymous said...

Annie, There is an old song that I sing to the dog in the middle of the night..."It's a quarter to three, there's no one in the place except you and me" Doesn't help though.

I hope you get some good information from this doctor.

Speaking of Dr. House, last time I had surgery when I woke up in the recovery and was still on really good drugs, ol' Dr. House was leaning up against the wall. Next time I oened my eyes he was gone. I never got a bill from him so I guess maybe it was a hallucination.

But ya never know.

I will be thinking of you and will be sending good karma towards your doctor, and healing thoughts to you.

Annie said...

!!!!!!! so much good karma!

The doctor's appointment went really well and I'll be doing an update soon :)

Maya said...

Sending you a big hug. I was up last night too! We should have hung out.
I feel your pain on the weirdness of being severely ill. I can't believe it myself sometimes. It's like, 'is it really this bad, or am I imagining it?'
Got to this page by mistake but had to post a comment. Now I'm zipping over to your update