Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Uphill Battle

I have apparently developed a new crippling fear of getting out of bed to do anything at all.
Just what I need.

I had it once before when I was living in Montreal, but eventually it faded away (whether by the course of medication or simply time, I do not know...).  The thought of getting up to do anything is so overwhelming that I just sit and think about it for four hours.  I know how to break the cycle (just move and do it already...) but I never quite know where the fear comes from.  Oh well.

I've also had weird side effects lately of feeling like I'm only breathing in super smoky air and being smothered by it.  Strange.  Stop the ride of my mind, I'd like to get off please.

Also, I made it out last night for my concert.  Just barely.  It was worth it.  Hawksley Workman is an amazingly talented artist and I highly recommend anyone who reads this to check him out!  I came home and was promptly shut down by a migraine.  I knew it would happen.  At least it was a venue where there were only about 100 people and reasonably comfy seats.

I forgot that it was pop culture Wednesdays - so it looks like I'll just do two posts.

Now to try and convince myself to make food and take my pills...



Toni said...

I glad you went to the concert, Annie. No wonder you don't want to get out of bed today though. Lots of stimulation, lots of people. Rest up!

Assiya said...

That sounds like it really sucks! Sorry!
I get afraid of doing things sometimes when my health has been especially bad because my body is so unpredictable about what will trigger pain and I'm scared I will trigger pain. Of course, this is completely different from your situation, but maybe some of the root fears are similar? Just throwing a random thought out that hopefully isn't annoying. Sorry if I overstepped my bounds.

Dominique said...

I'm so glad you were able to get out and go to the concert. It always makes me feel a little more 'human' to get out and mingle with people!

I hope your migraine passes quickly! :-)