Friday, April 16, 2010

Love Me Fridays

  • The fact that I made myself gluten-free banana chocolate chip pancakes.  That is a pretty big step for someone just out of the hospital!

  • I've been messing around and painting more!

  • I've been getting a little more sleep :).
  • I am going to go through my journals from the hospital later today and see if there is any interesting writing worth keeping.
Sadly, that's pretty much it.  The most exciting thing about this week has been the return of an interest in eating, but it hasn't come about without its fair share of side effects.  

Tell me what is making your day better this Friday!!



Rosebud Beads said...

Holy crow those pancakes look so good! I'm so hungry now!!! EEP! I'm getting a lot done today with my jewellery so that is making me feel very happy : )

elisabeth said...

Hearing your good news makes me happy! Yay! (Well, that and Treximet, lol) Hope your day continues to improve!

Ashley said...

Oh man those pancakes look fantastic! I tried to make strawberry pancakes the other morning and they turned out like weird rubbery crepes... Your's look much better. You'll have to cook for me when I'm home next. :)

Anonymous said...

OOOO!!! Pancakes...that'll cure anything (for a while at least).

My son Bill has been in Washington D.C. for a week and he is coming home today. YAY!!

The Hubby Joe isn't working any of his part-time jobs tonight!!!!YAY!

I have all the windows in the house open because the weather is beautiful today!! YAY!


Sonja said...

I was able to wobble outside into the sun for a little bit today! Still can't do too much so soon after surgery but that really helped!

Annie said...

Yay! These are all awesome things! :)

And yes Ashley, I will cook for you when you get home if I'm still able to move :)

Also, I hope you feel better soon Sonja!!

Lori said...

The pancakes look SO GOOD! It's great to see you picking a few things up. Good for you.