Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

It was a good week for movie watching around these parts!


This was the worst of the four by far.  Bandslam is a cute movie for teenagers, but has too much schlock for the rest of us.  I mean her name is SA5M and the 5 is silent???  That's just strange.  I really liked Lisa Kudrow though.  She plays overbearing mother in the best way possible.  I miss her as Phoebe in Friends.


I LOVED this film.  Loved, loved, loved!  This is the best portrayal of a man with Asperger's syndrome that I've seen in film.  Hugh Dancy doesn't play the role over the top, he just is.  It also doesn't have the traditional ending, which is special in and of itself.  This will definitely require a re-watch.

Dear John:

Before I watched this, I expected it to be bad.  Really bad.  However, my love of Amanda Seyfried won over, and I had to make a viewing.  To my surprise, I ended up enjoying it.  It is formulaic, but has a lot of heart.  It shouldn't win any awards, but if you want to watch a love story in the middle of the afternoon - I recommend.

The Hours:

My favorite movie of the group.  I had watched it before, but it was due time for me to watch it again.  Some would call this movie depressing, but I just view it as a glimpse into some very sensitive, wonderful, and troubled women.  Perhaps I see myself in the film.  It always makes me remember just how much I need to read Mrs Dalloway.

Lovely blog readers!  Please tell me of the interesting things that you've been watching recently!!



mister jim said...

The Hours was awesome.

We've been watching the
series "Mad Men" on dvd.
Incredible directing, acting.
Ensemble character dramas that
work are so rare these days.

Toni said...

Annie -- There's a good movie that was made of Mrs. Dalloway starring Vanessa Redgrave.

I want to see The Hours again. It's been too long and it was such a great movie.

Oh, and Mad Men is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched a movie in a long time. Last one was "Precious" which was great. Seems like I have just been listening to music...gotta get some movies and get on that couch!

Sara Jean said...

LOVE The Hours!

Robyn said...

I love the Hours! :) I've been meaning to read Mrs. Dalloway too... I have a stack of "should read" books that never seem to get read as quickly as my magazines do. Brain fail.

I just watched Young Victoria and enjoyed it immensely. I loved Emily Blunt and the story was very sweet and interesting. The costumes were amazing as well.

Thanks for the recs, as always! I've been wanting to see Dear John... I have such a soft spot for Amanda Seyfried. She's just so likeable!


Assiya said...

I'm in the Mad Men camp too! Somewhat depressing because there was so much prejudice and sexism in the 1950s, but also really good!

Leslie said...

We went to see Date Night yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised. As far as outrageously ridiculous (and it was!) rom coms go, it had a cohesive plot and was downright hilarious. I adore Tina Fey.

Annie said...

So many suggestions!

I'm a HUGE fan of Mad Men, so as of yet we're all caught up. Toni's suggestion of Nurse Jackie was awesome and I'm starting to watch that :)

Now I want to see Date Night, but I'll probably wait until it is out of the theatres. The Young Victoria was a really pretty movie!

I have to put these on my to-do list!

Thanks everyone! xoxoxoxoxo

xStrangerx said...

I rarely watch movies because my attention span is soo short! lol. I am pretty much online all the time, listening to music and doing a million things at once, but never really accomplishing anything ;) lol. Anyway, I was wondering where you got the idea for the posts like "things that bug me Mondays and pop culture Wednesdays etc." because I love the idea and I'd like to come up with a few of my own. Great idea for a blog =)
I hope you are feeling a little better since Monday. And I wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog. =)


mister jim said...

We just got the disks for Season-3
of MadMen..(b'day). I saw reviews
that it degenerated into the
don+betty drama show, but that's not
the case...still compelling (if depressing
about people at times). It does slide
a bit after 8 episodes, but the sub-dramas keep ticking..

We finally got around to seeing
Pursuit of Happiness (w/ Will Smith)
a few mon. ago. An epic draining saga,
but extraordinary survival/success
tale. Pretty amazing.

I loved "Ghost World" at first, but
I got rid of it at the thrid view...
..the central character is just so
terribly depressing in judgement
at the end. Fun when viewed as skits.

Annie said...

Kayla - thanks so much! I more or less just noticed that a lot of successful bloggers made weekly posts on a certain topic and that it seemed to work well - so I just picked topics I knew something about!

And mister jim, I agree with your opinions on both of those movies and Season 3.

SR said...

i absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVED "Adam"!!! My prof showed a few clips in class when we learned about autism spectrum disorders, and having done a lot of research with kids with diagnoses on the spectrum I really had to track it down. It was even better than I expected it to be. You're so right - Hugh Dancy was fantastic! "he just is" - couldnt think of a way to say it better. as for the ending.. my classmate and I got into a discussion about it. he wanted a classic cheesy ending. but i loved the ending - he overcame one of the key, hardest parts of his diagnosis and got himself a great job and great friends far away from everything he knew. it really inspired me to work towards getting past some of my own life-limiting symptoms.

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