Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Love My Sister...And Her Apartment

In tribute to my one and only sister, I am writing this post to show you some images of her total hippie loft - that I desperately wish was closer because I love hanging out with her!  She just exudes humor and joy about life :).

I love these purple glittery curtains and the sunshine coming in on the love seat!

Fireplace, her art canvases, her guitar :).

Record player and vinyl!  Massive amounts of storage :)

Table and dresser in under the loft bed!

My painting hanging on her wall! Yay!

She has a chandelier!  It even has mood-lighting settings!

Another painting, my old Buddha, woven boxes!

Bongo drums, paint brushes, and some dark picture taking on my part!

The view from the bed upstairs!

Wooden decorated tea light holders :).  Incense is right beside!

I love it all!  My sister and I are both of the peace and love movement.  It was the coziest bachelor apartment I've ever had the opportunity of visiting.  She's the kind of person everyone wants to know and I'm lucky enough to have her for a sister!

I love you Ashley!



Baffled said...

That is a seriously cool apartment!

Toni said...

That is one cool pad!