Friday, October 29, 2010

Love Me Friday

Definitely not the fact that I woke up screaming with the worst case of costochondritis that I've ever had in my life. Thankfully, I managed to kill it with clonazepam and muscle-relaxant Tylenol.  Now to stop complaining and getting on with seeing how many joyful things I can find!
  • My new apartment. It's still hard to believe it belongs to me.  I cannot fathom putting things away and actually residing there - it will be such a change!.  Definitely the nicest place I have lived so far.
  • Friends who help you pack and move.  Those are the best friends of all.
  • Mothers who ditch work in order to come make sure you don't keel over again from the pain.
  • Looking at amazing fashion that I can't afford.
  • Making lemons into lemonade, by using my expensive earring that I have to create some sort of craft project, as the other one has gone seriously missing.
  • Boyfriends who know what treatment you need and at what time, so they can save you!
  • Watching movies I haven't seen yet!
  • Finding things I forgot I had while moving!
so cute!!

(Images from WeHeartIt)

What is giving you the warm fuzzies this week?  Share your love with me and others here so we can all have a smile on our faces this lovely Friday :).



KimbellyBull said...

Things I am grateful for:

• You! I adore you like a sister and you never fail to make me happier, thank you!
•My amazing husband for thinking of everything and going to the ends of the earth to make my life as easy as possible
•Voice recognition software so I can control my laptop entirely by voice, screw you hands! I don't care that you don't work properly!
•My rabbit, Poppy. She knows when I need cuddles, she always listens and she's the best hot water bottle in the world!
•My Twitter friends! Even though I've been away, they sent me lovely messages and welcome me back with a tidal wave of love!
•My bed! I spend a lot of time in it so I love that its so pretty (carved pine bed, white sheets)

Thanks! I needed a reminder of the good things in life. I've been so ill that I've seen the doom and gloom and forgotten that for all the pain and illness, there is way more happiness and blessings!

Hope you don't get another nasty costo attack babe!

Love always,


lupie said...

Hope you settle well in your new apartment! Don't stress yourself too much ya!!

Keep Well!

We send our purrs, Mom sends her hugs.

Love, Lucky & Co

Baffled said...

So happy for you in your new apartment. Yeah!
Boo for the pain. Hope you're ok.

*Love my dentist. He did a spectacular job rebuilding a tooth that disintigrated yesterday.
*Love my library for having cool interesting books and my being able to order them online so I just have to send my kid in to pick them up.
*Love the tiny market in my town. It is small enough that I can get groceries when I'm having a bad day. Now I just need a handicap plate so I can park close and not have to walk a block to go there. Turns out they will butcher meat to order so I think I am going to start phoning in orders for chopped meat for stews so I don't have to cut the stuff myself. Yeah!

Toni said...

Hi Annie. I love how you came up with such an awesome list that included your boyfriend, your mother, and your friends...even though you're in pain.

I hope the pain subsides. Congratulations on finally moving! This will be good, I just know it.

Anonymous said...

-you (and Kimmy!) and twitter friends
-my personal trainer who totally gets it when i just cant make it in, and is forever finding new workouts that wont kill me
-that my gym is only 5min away which makes it a million more times likely that ill get there at least 5x a week
-mommy is back from visiting her father (who is -somewhat miraculously- recovering now)
-finally getting off of the prednisone (and the withdrawal)
-TV shows streaming from legal network sites
-pretty nail polish

Robyn said...

omg. is that a peanut butter and jelly on toast HEART SCARF??? WHERE can i get one?? that is a must have!

FIGHTER said...

Flipping through the tv and one of your fav movies is on. Great list.