Monday, October 25, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Detoxing off of the LDN has made my Fibromyalgia symptoms flare to the millionth degree.  On the plus side, it is the first time I can feel any of the other medication or be productive.  Such a hard trade-off. Lay in bed sleeping my life away and end up in a wheelchair, or deal with the pain and accomplish something, but cry all of the time.
  • Moving is stressful but exciting.
  • The fact that I missed out on the Island's TweetUp last night due to stupid anxiety!  I really want to make it to one!
  • The fact that my ultrasound came back clean and yet I have SO MUCH pelvic pain.  If my next MRI shows the tumor randomly disappearing, I may have a mental breakdown.
  • Liquid diets are pretty boring.
  • I have a bone bruise on my foot making it difficult to walk.
  • Crazy mood swings.
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Is anything bothering you this week?  Share it here and we'll all get through it together to make for a better rest of the week!



Baffled said...

* My mom going home
* Netflix being unable to fix Eureka
* Political ads
* My body being totally unstable on B12
* My body's thermostat being broken
* Insurance paperwork
* Social security disability hoops that I am going to have to jump through
* All the freakin pills I have to take everyday
* My back hurting all the time
*Having a migrane for two days straight
* Not being able to go shopping
* Having a dirty house
* Not being able to shower every day

That is about it this week. Sorry to hear you are doing so bad. Why did you stop the LDN? I was thinking of trying it. What happened??

Wendy2303 said...

- My feet telling me they are on fire but feeling freezing when I touch them.
- The new job I was supposed to start today being put off via a phone call at 3pm onFriday.
- The training department of the new job ringing me thus morning to ask where I am.
- The email from my solicitor saying my ex-husband-to-be STILL won't argree on divorce terms to let me buy jim out of our house (he left over 3 years ago!) meaning it could take up to another 18 months to get rid if him & be able to move in with my life. Will also mean solicitors fees will skyrocket & may end up in court.
- I have a balance problem but, when allthe tests were done, my results show I am just under the treatment line so nothing can be done, despite to combination if there results bring the reason I fall over!

Toni said...

Annie -- I tried LDN three different times and had to stop each time because it disrupted my sleep no matter what time of day I took it, even if I took it in the morning! I didn't want to say anything to you so you could give it a try since it definitely helps some people. was just another medication that wound up in that "box of rejected supplements" that I refer to in the book.

Take good care of yourself this week. Pace yourself on the moving. It's exciting though!