Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quote of the Day - Gwen Stefani

“I'm stupidly crazy for old movies. I (record) them so that when I'm doing my makeup in the morning, I have them on. I can be like: 'Look at Jane Russell in that shiny leopard dress - I'm copying that.'”

(Images from WeHeartIt)

I also love old movies when I'm getting ready to do anything, as they are oh so glamorous!  Gwen Stefani is fearless, amazing, and an absolute rock star.  

A complete inspiration - us sickly folk need a little glamor now and then in our lives!  Life is too short not to take advantage and follow our dreams!  

Love her!

What glamorous things are you taking part in this weekend (or not so glamorous!)??!



Baffled said...

I feel lucky if I manage to shower. If I can smell like soap and shampoo I'm happy.

Anonymous said...

For some crazy reason I put on a sparkly sweater and cute earrings. I didn't go anywhere, but I felt cute.Tommorrow I may put on makeup!