Monday, October 11, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Accidentally hitting my dog in the face with my laptop cover!
  • Hurting my arm on the Wii (we all knew this was inevitable, but it was fun anyways!).
  • Having the post-turkey blues!
  • I lose at MarioKart.
  • That I want my sister's sweater and cannot have it! (Heather gray with a giant peace sign!).
  • Un-skippable cut scenes on video games (courtesy of Jon and my sister).
  • Coming up with Christmas presents for everyone on a limited budget! (Tricky, tricky...)
  • Horrible gastric emptying test where I could not get my body remotely comfortable and yet had to stay still for more than 2 hours.  I was crying in pain by the end of it and no one cared to help me out :(.
  • My face is covered in cysts.  Don't feel so stellar about that.

(Images from WeHeartIt)

In order to have a clean slate for the week - try lifting the load off of your shoulders!  Let out those tiny complaints here and then try to let go of them!



Melanie said...

That scene from Girl, Interrupted is one of my most favorite scenes in a movie ever.


Baffled said...

*I have two barium shakes waiting for me to drink.
*I have to take two doses of steroids and one dose of Benedryl before I go for a CAT scan on Tuesday
*I am horribly allergic to CAT scan dye so I'm scared.
*I can't cheer my hubby up because he is sad that I'm sick
*My sister is leaving to go back home (but Mom has decided to stay for a week or two: yeah!)
*I have to get up early in the morning two days in a row and I might crash afterwards as a result
*I can't figure out how to get my kid to school this week cuz I've been too sick to drive.
*The voice track is missing off the next three episodes of Eureka on Netflix so I have to wait for them to fix it before I can watch them.

Sorry to hear you've had such a bad week. I hope thing improve for you.

Toni said...

Annie - I hope everything looks up for you this week now that you've put down on paper everything that's bugging you. Feel better!

Anonymous said...

@annie and baffled: hope your week improves, tests go well, cysts go away, etc.
*I hate several new pains I've developed from computer use.
*I hate that it takes me twice as long (if not three times) to do something cuz of pain and the groggy-foggies.
*I hate how everyone in know in the cyberverse has been having a hard time (for various reasons) lately.
My grandmother always said "hate" was too strong a word for a "lady" to use (along with a few other non-curse words), so I really should be saying "I dislike." Oh well, guess I never really was much of a lady! lol