Monday, October 18, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • I seem to be getting in more and more random fights over shit I keep forgetting (this fundamentally scares me).
  • I'm not cultivating enough love in my life, I need to be more more relaxed with people.
  • Not having enough energy to get basic things like grocery shopping done for myself.
  • Wanting to be able to write more, and not seeming to have the ambition to get there (although insomnia helps! haha)
  • NaNoWriMo is quickly approaching and I doubt I will have the energy to participate, but I should at least attempt something...especially as I want to be a writer and all.
  • I need to get on my poetry editing (not that this is a bug, so much as a task I should accomplish...)
  • Christmas presents...need to get on those immediately with my monopoly money!
  • Deep breaths.  I'm failing at keeping them a regular staple in my life, so I need a serious reminder.

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What's bothering you this week?!  Get it off your chest here so we can try to cultivate the best week we can!!  I know my shoulders feel lighter!



Darren said...

Hrmm... Things that bug me Mondays... For one, when the relative I live with seems totally unwilling to even try to be supportive or helpful. Also, when I can't manage to get up the energy (mental or physical) to work on projects I've had laying around half-done for ages.

Baffled said...

*All the political ads during the run up to the election
*Being stupidly tired
*Not having the energy to buy groceries
*Having a hole in my shoe and not having the energy to do anything about it
*My mom leaving on Thursday
*Not having enough energy to go see my chiropractor
*Not being able to cook
*My deranged cat: she's giving me the stink eye again and all I'm doing is typing
*Still not having a diagnosis
*Having to apply for long term disability with no diagnosis
*Netflix not fixing the sound track on Eureka

That about covers it for this week.

FIGHTER said...

people not looking past my pain and seeing the real me.

Sue Jackson said...

I'm so with you on the writing goals. I get so frustrated with myself for not doing more, but if I;m even mildly crashed, I find it almost impossible to write cohesively - it takes 10 times longer when I feel bad (and the result is not as good).


Gerri said...

two years in a row I haven't participated in NaNoWriMo - but I want to this year. Annie & Sue - maybe we need to send each other little "love" notes to encourage each other?

Of course it's Weds & not Mon LOL but yesterday I had a dental appt. and the car battery was dead! I don't drive my car enough - anyone want to go on a road trip LOL?

Annie said...

Yeah, Gerri and Sue, maybe you should send each other notes to get ourselves going! Although, I'm moving so I don't know if I'll manage!

Love reading details of other people!