Saturday, October 16, 2010

Models + Stereotypes = Not Me!

My two favorite models:
Lily Cole, you are so my pinnacle of beauty and I desperately want your perfect hippie style!
The princess that is Jessica Stam reading Kurt Vonnegut!!!! What is not to love about that??

I love how multi-layered celebrities and models (and people we talk to every day!) are! I always want to get to know more about people, and these two beautiful pictures just reminded me even more :).

What interests do you have that go against stereotypes??



Melissa Fairchild / PrincessLilla said...

I'm 28, and have ALWAYS loved cooking, cleaning, being a mom, sewing, all that domesticated stuff. BUT, I don't take crap from anyone, so I do the 1950's stuff with the 2010 attitude :) lol

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

I work as a care provider mostly with kids now but the fact that I am an intellectual surprises and pleases the people who hire me. Among my skill set are plumbing, cooking, hospice care, emergency med tech training and experience, day care owner/operator, retail management, auto parts counter, home health aide, mom, wife, sister, friend.

Diversity has kept me employed when lots of others are looking. I look like "Sarah, Plain and Tall" and have a wicked quick sense of humor and irreverence for authority that can be unpredictable !~!

Baffled said...

I'm 5'2",230lbs and 48 years old. I'm a total girl geek. I love science fiction, neurology, religion and engineering.

I entered my first figure skating competition this spring and won two medals. Talk about against the grain: a 220lb 48 year old figure skater. I had to take up sewing again just to have an outfit to wear.

I've been an auto mechanic, pipe organ builder and, prior to being ill, I built fiber lasers. I like to mix it up :-) Drives my bosses nuts!