Sunday, October 24, 2010

Links, Links, Links

Here are some of the sweet finds I have found on the Internet this week (just for you my lovely readers!!). Hopefully, these links will help make your Sunday more enjoyable :).

If anyone is trying to make money at home from being a freelance writer, this is an excellent article to get you started!

I'm moving and this is a great article on trying to make the home both masculine and feminine, without either party being pushed to the side!

The BEST fashion finds for under $100 courtesy of Vogue.

A neat home design blog that was a recent find for me!

A baby in a WATERMELON, eating said watermelon! CUTEST THING EVER.

Perhaps the second cutest thing ever!!

Reddit polled people for their best pieces of advice, so read away!!

A beautiful fall photo meant to demonstrate the Autumn Spectrum :).

A glossary of funny GIFs - they always amuse me!

I hope these brightened your day my loves!



ashe mischief said...

Thank you so much for sharing my link!


Anonymous said...

I love this Annie!! I enjoyed each and evey one. I'm thinking of maybe doing something similiar...then you gals will know more about what I like.

Mark said...

Seems its autumn spectrum and not autism. Sweet find all the same.

dominique said...

That totally rocked Annie. The arrow fall photo - like how long do you think it took to make the arrow! I'm guessing a long time especially if there was any wind!

Thanks for the links. That really was fun!