Monday, October 4, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Not being able to swallow easily due to a wicked sore throat (with massive lymph node and face pain...booo).
  • Having to wear sunglasses and put in eye drops just to see a light.
  • The low-grade fever/killer virus that has been haunting me ALL week.
  • Drama.
  • Being awake at 6 a.m.
  • The fact that my best friends online are all as sick as I am :(.  Sure we can all relate, but I secretly wish every day that we would all magically become well.
  • I'm going through phases of losing my inner calm.
  • Going out in public and trying to explain to people without too much detail as to why you've been unemployed for a year :(.
  • I have managed to lose both my heating pad dinosaur and something else that was important that I can't remember at this second.  Blargh.  Go fibrofog.
  • Issues with food again - having another scope and gastric emptying study done.  Also, another pelvic ultrasound and another MRI.  Sweeeeeeeet.
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Okay, I was fairly long-winded in that rant, but feel better for getting it all off of my chest!  It's the closest thing I can do to allow the rest of my week not to be full of bitterness!!  Time to rant away my loves!! What's bothering you this week?  It doesn't have to be health-related, sometimes it's just nice to throw your ideas out into the universe and let them float away!!



Anonymous said...

Well, it's my first comment on this blog, but I always read it with much interest. Below is my list. Greetings from Sandy from Holland.

- Feeling terribly sick, don't know if it's because I am coming off of SSRI's or because of my antibiotics

- That my house is messy, but I have no energy to clean it

- My mother is sick and almost dying, but I have no energy to help her, and I feel terribly guilty

- It's sunny outside and I would like to join all the shiny happy people out there

Toni said...

I hope you can throw off this nasty virus soon, Annie.

Things that bug me Monday:

It's suddenly very cold outside
I'm in a fog mentally and it's only 7 a.m.
The squirrels seem to be taking over the neighborhood and that means more chewing through phone lines.

Anonymous said...

What's bugging me today??? Just about everything and everybody. It's one of those days. I sure hope you feel better soon Dear Annie.

Baffled said...

*Being too sick to shower
*Being too sick to buy groceries
*Having pills stick in my throat because I can't swallow properly.
*Ending up on the floor because I can't stand up anymore.
*Needing my husband's help to get up off the floor.
*Getting even sicker than I already am.
*Sleeping through a jackhammer being run in my house (yes this really did happen this morning)
*My son not pitching in with the housekeeping unless nagged to death.

On a more humorous note, the magic word verification for today is "purge" which I find rather ironic.

Sue Jackson said...

Oh, those sore throats are the WORST! I had one like that a couple of weeks ago - lots and lots of warm herbal tea with honey!! Lots of honey.

Love the inclusion of the Lion King quote - we say that one all the time here!! My oldest son LOVED that movie when he was in preschool, so we can pretty much recite it from beginning to end.

Take it easy and feel better soon!