Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ponder This Today...

This quote struck a chord with me:
(Image from WeHeartIt)

Do you agree with this statement?  What do you think we are exposed to too much?  Are things losing their implicit meaning through excessive media consumption??



FIGHTER said...

Yes very much, i think many things fall under this, to many to list. one being morals.

Baffled said...

You only notice something when it is new, then it becomes part of the background noise. The trick is to look at things with fresh eyes at least once in a while. I think travel is the best cure for this.

Rachael said...

"Things" is too broad of a word to use. I don't agree with this statement about most "things" at all.
I believe there is such a thing as overexposure, becoming desensitized and saturation but if something means so much to you the only way it loses its meaning is if you take it for granted when it cannot be such a thing that can be taken for granted - like people and other living things.

The media, in my opinion, gives us overexposure of crap that is meaningless to begin with.

Everything that had meaning to me since a child still retains its meaningfulness to me now.