Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

This week, I've fallen head over heels for the new season of television!  Some of them I have already covered - like Castle, How I Met Your Mother, and America's Next Top Model.  I've been fairly wrapped up in the lives of my fictional characters, as they provide excellent company and distraction.


Dexter has really come out in full force for the 5th season!  The first episode was absolutely heart-shattering, and the second was completely intriguing.  By removing some of these central characters, they can really get back to the show's original roots.  Baby Harrison was found in his mother's blood, bringing Dexter's cycle full-circle.  I can't wait to see where they are going to take this season and Dexter's sloppy actions!!


I can't say I fully keep up on Glee, although I'm debating going back and watching the rest of the first season. I tuned in for the Britney Spears episode - as she is a childhood icon haha.  I thought the episode was laugh-out-loud hilarious and the musical numbers were wonderful.  It has a tendency to be over-the-top, and can therefore have moments of unlovable-ness.  Generally though, I recommend everyone check out the new season! 

Robot Chicken:

Robot Chicken is a rather odd creation by Seth Green.  It's a stop-motion animation comedy, which is broken into fairly short sketches.  It tends to rely mostly on mocking pop culture incidents and also can have the ability to make me laugh loudly even when feeling down.  It's definitely an acquired taste though, so I recommend only going into this one with an open mind!!

What have you been watching/listening to/absorbing these days???  I spend so much time at home I love hearing your suggestions as to what should go on my list next!!



Toni said...

Dexter -- Yes. Excellent so far. I'm also liking Boardwalk Empire.

John said...

Glee, Hot in Cleveland, United States of Tara, The Big Bang Theory, The Good guys, Dr. Who, American Pickers,The Red Green Show,Lie to me, The Mentalist,Madmen,The Office,Parenthood,Modern Family.

Baffled said...

On TV:
Dancing with the Stars, Castle, Glee, Life Unexpected, Mentalist, 30 Rock

On Netflix:
Eureka, Pushing Daisies, Nip/Tuck, Futurama

Diana Lee said...

I'm loving these first episodes of Dexter. So powerful. I'm also digging the new show The Event. It's got me & DH on the edge of our seats! Boardwalk Empire has started out good, too.

Migrainista said...

Dexter is about the best thing on TV...we don't get that channel so we'll have to wait until next summer when it comes out on DVD.