Sunday, October 10, 2010

Links, Links, Links

I'm thinking I'm going to start compiling some links here on Sunday - make it into a new thing!  So many other blogs do it and I know I appreciate having interesting things to read on the Internet!

SMART article!:

Some great life lessons :)

A great article about surrendering to your helplessness!

31 Things the rockin' Sarah Von learned in her 31 years of life!

Some BEAUTIFUL Dexter posters that sum up each season perfectly!

And inappropriate, yet totally funny...!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!! What are you doing?  How is it going!?



Baffled said...

My mom and sis made a six hour drive to come visit. I am ejoying their company and my sister has taken over cooking and kitchen cleaning. I am in heaven. We had a full on turkey dinner last night. It was AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

Annie, I think I need your Sis's sweater! I loved the Grover video! I love the idea of sharing links!