Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

My viewing and reading schedule has been ALL over the place this week!  I must say most of it was a delightful journey though!


I was loaned all the seasons of this show from a friend and am totally psyched to watch it in it's entirety!  So many major stars have grown out of this prison drama from HBO.  It's not for the faint of heart, but every episode that I have viewed so far are stellar.  Definitely a good, too-sick-to-get-off-the-couch distraction!!

Grey Gardens:

Another HBO movie masterpiece!!  Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange are absolutely perfect in this story of the glamorous decline of Jackie O's relatives. It is the story of an eccentric mother and daughter in high society, who start to leave that society for their private residence at Grey Gardens.  They begin to lose even more of their grip on reality.  It is an amazing story about two really interesting people.  Have I told you I love you lately HBO??


In terms of horror comedies - this was one of the most fun things I've seen in a LONG time.  It is completely schlocky, and yet is self-aware and used to good purpose.  It's a splatter film, and it manages to make its kills random and exploitable.  It's not a perfect film, but at a sleepover I had a fun time watching it :).

I LOVED this book.  Gretchen Rubin may not have been going through a crisis when she wrote this book, but she was just interested in the subject and how she could apply it to her life.  I received so many good suggestions from this!  Plus, many parts of the book are done in lists which appeals to the organizational, control side of me.  The best part is - she's honest about what does and doesn't work for her, but gives options for other people as well.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

What have you all been watching/reading/listening to this week my beloved readers?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting suggestions!!



Tiffany said...

I love love love OZ! It's one of my favorite shows (even though its been off the air for a while). Lately I've been catching up on the Dexter episodes. It's a pretty good show.

Toni said...

Annie - I loved Grey Gardens too, especially because I'd seen the 1975 documentary with the real two women and so could tell what a great job Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange did in the movie. If you can rent the documentary, I recommend it. Talk about eccentric!

Baffled said...

Grey Gardens looks really good. I know of the Happiness Project through a website. Love the idea but the first project involved stuff that I couldn't do :(

Myself, I have been watching daytime TV for the first time in months. I checked out the new women's chat show The Talk which I liked a lot. It beats all the yelling and arguing on The View. I used to like that show but they are too argumentative for my taste now. I watched an interesting documentary on Crows. Did you know that they talk to each other and will change entire mirgration patterns if one of their own is killed? They are amazing birds.

I am also watching The Dresden Files and Eureka again. I liked them so much and I was so brain fogged the first time I watched them it has been a pleasure watching them all over again.

Jen Daisybee said...

Great suggestions on things I might want to read or watch; thanks! Personally, I'm too busy right now to read anything but school books for my college courses, but I did watch something great the other night - The Sound of Music. No, not just that same old version everyone has seen a million times. It was a sing-a-long version at a local movie theater, where the lyrics to every song came across the screen for everyone in the audience to sing. It was truly hilarious and great fun!