Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Fight For The Right To Write

I had my MRI's this morning.

How does anyone stand the noises those machines make?!?  I came out with one of my worst migraines of life. 

However, after some rest, relaxation, and medication I made a rare outing to the Exhibition!  I haven't been to a carnival in YEARS and YEARS.  I brought earplugs, because it was far too loud, but I would get too disoriented with them in and no guide.  I spent my time sitting and taking pictures of the place, but I did manage to get in and out of the Ferris Wheel!  It made me feel super sick, and yet it was fun at the same time!  So rare that I have the opportunity to do anything :).

If you want to see some pictures, check out my twitter!

My body is not happy with me.

I'm having mood swings left, right, and center as a result of these changes in drugs.  I have no idea which one is the culprit, but something needs to be altered.  One can never really win with medications :/.

One of my favorite bloggers, Sarah Von of Yes and Yes, has asked me to do an interview and I'm thrilled to have the chance to answer her questions!!

--> Tomorrow, I'm going to try to write and write and write!!!

(Images from WeHeartIt)

With any luck, my brain will be functioning reasonably well and I will be able to accomplish getting my words out!

What are you working on right now?  At work?  At home?  In your spare time?  Fill me in on the happenings in your lives!



Baffled said...

I am working on a guest post for blogger She has asked me to write up some tips for dealing with nerves on the day of a figure skating competition. Prior to getting ill I was in the midst of my first competitive season so I was in the middle of trying out my bag of tricks that I learned as a Toastmaster. I found that a lot of methods used to overcome stage frieght also worked to calm my nerves before and during my figure skating competitions. I'm looking forward to doing the piece and I've given myself a week so I can work on it in between brain fog episodes. This will be my first guest post. Woohoo!

Inside the Mind of a... said...

I do not suffer from chronic physically illness but i feel my mental illness is similar. I am sorry for the pain your body is going through :(

i hope you feel better soon!

Rachael said...

I was asked to guest blog, I have 3 major assignments for work, a piece of art to finish up for the Kitten Rescue silent auction and my own blog on top of that!

I HATE MRI'S, by the way! Hate hate hate hate hate them and am SOOOOOO happy that my pacemaker means I'll never be in one again! MUWHAHAHAHAHHA

VeeVee said...

hey hun,
I feel you about the mri! It is so loud. only thing is that although the noise was awful on the 2 occasions i had them done, I actually fell asleep (this was before I had ME/CFS)!!!
Thinking now because I am sensitive to hugely loud noises, I know I would e probably more panicky about the situation and get confused (if that's even possible in my book!)
Loas of hugs to you and good luck on the results x x x

Maria Marz said...

I am working on writing my blog daily ( and I am also working on a fiction book. I am debating whether I can go to school, too.

yellowlablover said...

Hey my dear -- I am working with a vet neurologist to open two new practices, so lots of marketing, phone calls and hair pulling :)
Worried if my lupus and RA are going to allow me to do all this and not shut down. Oh, did I also mention I have a part time job, manage an all girls soccer team, have a 12 year daughter and three dogs. I think I am insane...
gina (yellowlablover on twitter)