Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

I've been all over the map this week - emotionally, physically, and whatever else is applicable.  As a result, my movie watching has been a bit spastic, and I've actually spent most of the week playing a game that helps distract me in the horrible times.

Dirty Dancing:

Every single time I put on the movie Dirty Dancing, my entire face lights up.  I know every single line.  I have the soundtrack.  I am sad that Patrick Swayze died.  I only have about 25 movies that have the ability to raise my spirits so high!  I made the boyfriend watch it with me as he had never seen it before - he seemed to think it wasn't the worst thing the world ever made :).  Sometimes I just put on the movie ending because it is such a pick-me-up!

Date Night:

This started off slow, but by the halfway mark I was in HYSTERICAL laughter.  BEST romantic comedy I have seen in years.  Crazy, joyous, rambunctious romp through New York City and a case of mistaken identity.  Doubles for the boyfriend as an action film.  Brilliant.

Bejeweled Blitz:

I was a Bejeweled 2 DIEHARD for a long time. I'm actually very good at it. But Bejeweled Blitz is my newest obsession.  One of my friends has an incredibly high score, and I've been trying ALL week to beat him.  Alas, I have failed every single time.  Still such a challenge to do in one minute, while keeping my brain active and calming my thoughts!  Anyone who hasn't played this or a similar mindless game - totally get on it!!

Also, I was lucky enough to do a guest post over at A Glass Half Shattered.  Check it out!

Double also (haha), my post is up at the new Fight Like A Girl Club website (as I'm a Power Team Writer there for FMS/CFS!).
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Alex said...

I watched a Japanese movie the other night: 'Suicide Club'... It wasn't as good as I thought it'd be. Too much gore, a little predictable, but a good concept.

Mum rented 'The Descent 2' last night, but I got really sleepy after 45mins, and had to go to bed. It looked as good as the first one, from what I saw.

Unfortunately, I haven't slept yet. I went to bed at midnight, and it's now about 4.30am.

They've got the most recent series of 'Skins' on SBS, (series 4) so I've been watching that, as well as 'Torchwood' reruns. I've been watching a lot of the news, too, (Federal election on Saturday) and shows like 'Gruen Nation' - about political advertising, how it works, and 'Yes We Canberra' - The Chaser's pre-election show. Plus the usual crime shows!

Hope you're okay. =)

VeeVee said...

i love dirty dancing too. having been in great spirits and last night i wasnt in the best state. Stuck dirty dancing on and i got a small smile on my face when he goes "nobody puts baby in the corner"...

Diana Lee said...

I'm a total Bejeweled Blitz addict, I LOVE Dirty Dancing (favorite scene is when they dance in Johnny's room - sigh), and I'm dying to see Date Night. Glad to hear it was so funny.

Anonymous said...

Dirty Dancing is definitely in my top movies ever category... i have been known to watch just the end - more often than one might expect ;)

-SR (@gradstdntwlupus)